Lets Go Aero Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2018 Nissan Rogue

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Review of the Lets Go Aero Hitch Bike Racks on a 2018 Nissan Rogue

What's up everybody, it's AJ with etrailer.com. Today, we're going to be checking out the Let's Go Aero BikeWing next gen on our 2018 Nissan Rogue.It's going to be a very versatile bike rack that accommodates a bunch of different frame types, because it's not your traditional platform-style rack. It actually holds the bikes by their tires, so you're not limited by a hanging style or anything like that. You got these hooks up here. We've got both sides with the bike on and off. You can see the hooks here and how they look.

Their rubberized, they're not going to damage the tire. And then you can see here with our rubber strap that goes around there nice and tight, it's on there real tight. So it's going to hold that tire in place. You just pull it over. And it's going to be the same thing on the pegs on the bottom, where the tires rest on.The other cool thing is that you can loosen these and I'll show you on the empty one.

You can actually loosen them and move them up and down. That helps you with all the different bike sizes. So you move that up and down, tighten it up and it stays in place. Same goes for our pads here that protect our bike from hitting the bike rack itself. These move up and down as you see fit.

Better example probably is on this side. You can see you got two points of the frame and they're never going to touch the bike rack because we got those pads in the way. Plus you can see me shaking it back and forth. They're not coming close anyway.Now another cool feature it has, that some other ones don't, is it'll tilt away with the bikes loaded. That's nice to put something in the back of your car, or you need to get something out of the car, you don't have to completely take both bikes off.

That's a hassle. All you have to do is pop this pin out, but remember to replace it. It goes down here and acts as a stop for your bike rack when you're tilting it. So we tilt it down, it holds it there, gives me plenty of room to come here and open up the trunk. So I could get a cooler in there or anything out of there just fine.Just do it in reverse when you tilt it back up. And the pin fights you just a little bit, but if you kind of shake the top of the bike rack, it helps that pin go through their way easier. With that back in place, I'm going to go ahead and remove the bike and get it out of the way.I'm going to get in your way for a second. Sorry about that. And now we'll remove our bike. Something I learned by working with this today is you're not going to load the bike up your normal way, just bringing it around here, getting on the hooks. You can, it depends on your bike and it's pedals, but it can be difficult. The way we found that works pretty nice, is you can kind of take it off here and bring it through the center of the bike racks since there's not a center mast or anything in the way. Just keep it from getting caught in the spokes and touching your vehicle.You get a better look at it now with the bike off there. See more of the mobility and how far up and down the hooks and the pins can go. There is a little bit of a setup when you get this first time and get it all set up and you're putting your bikes on there, you will have to adjust a little bit, but you only have to do that once, and if you got the same bikes, it'll just load it the same way every time. There was a little bit of a. We've got to make sure this pegs low enough for the tire to sit in this cradle, but then you go to set this one on there and you don't want the pedals to hit. So there is a little bit with that, but you'll work through it pretty easily. And you'll be set after that.Let's get some measurements. We're going to go from the center of the hitch pin to the furthest out point, which would be this peg here. Looks like from the center of the bolt to this peg is about 27 and a half inches out. So, that's what it's adding to the back of your Rogue. Now from the ground to the lowest point, it looks like about 15 inches from the ground and that's with a four-inch rise. So that really helps out when you're going up those steep Hills or steep driveways you're going up, there's not going to be any scratching or anything like that. So, that's pretty awesome.While we're down here, I want to point out that they added a threaded hitch pin and that's going to be anti-rattle. So it's an anti inaudible 00:05:28 threaded hitch pin. Sorry. That's going to take that shake and play out of the rack. You can see I'm shaking the car back and forth, and there's not any movement in the shank at all on this bike rack. Now there is a little movement up here because all the weight comes to this one point, but it holds up. It just goes back and forth just a little bit. It's not a big deal.Well, thanks for hanging out. I think that does it. Hope this helped.

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