Leer Latitude Folding Soft Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Leer Latitude Folding Soft Tonneau Cover

What's going on, everybody. Adam here with etrailer. Today we're gonna be taking a look at the line of Leer Latitudes soft folding tonneau covers. If you're looking to maybe protect some of that stuff in the bed of your truck on rainy or snowy days and not really looking to spend a whole lot of money on a tonneau cover, well, this is definitely gonna be one that's gonna keep all your contents dry and also maybe boost that fuel economy if you're going on long trips. It's very cost-effective way to get a tonneau cover onto the bed of your truck. And the nice thing about it is it's super easy to fold back.

You just need one hand, you can do it from either side. Go ahead and fold this back, like this, clip it into place, and then you go ahead and drive like this. So if you have a little bit of wet stuff in there and it's not raining or snowing and you kind of want to let it dry over the drive you can go ahead and do that. This is a vinyl cover and it is gonna sit on the top of the bedrails. It only sits up about an inch.

So it's not a whole lot but one thing I did notice about this it really looks like leather and it's not too glossy, so you're not gonna get a bunch of glares if the sun's behind you and you're driving. That's something I kind of look for. Also, I've noticed that it has a really good seal back here. We've got a little flap here. So whenever we close our tailgate it's gonna be a nice seal and all the way around we're gonna have the same exact amount of seal, so I don't think any water's gonna get inside of the tonneau cover.

If you have a locking tailgate this is gonna secure all your stuff inside. With the nice seal that we have, it's gonna be really hard for someone to get their fingernails underneath there and really pull it up. They're gonna break the tonneau cover in the process of doing that, but it's still a lot of effort they have to go through to get into the bed of your truck. And again, they don't know what's in there. So they might be opening it up to nothing, they might be opening it up to a bunch of tools, Either-or it's gonna add a little bit of security and peace of mind, whenever you just leave your truck sitting.

This is definitely your entry-level tonneau cover, but if that's what you're really looking for, this is gonna be a great option. It's super, super easy to install and really easy to operate. They have a sink type clamp that they are very proud about, and I honestly like it, super easy to use and really, really simple to install. So that means it's gonna be really easy to uninstall if you decide you don't want it. And that's gonna do it for our look at the line of Leer Latitudes soft folding tonneau covers..

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