LED Light Kit for Railed Cargo Carriers Review

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Review of the LED Light Kit for Railed Cargo Carriers

Today we're going to look at and show you how to install the etrailer LED light kit for railed cargo carriers, part number 98174LED. Now this light kit is going to be a perfect fit for the Rola 59502, and the Tow-Ready or Pro Series 63153 and 63155. Of course, every application is going to be a little bit different, and you might be able to make this work for your carrier as well. Now we'll run through our lights and you can see just how they work. Here, we can see our running lights. We'll have constant lights heading down the road. Brake lights are going to brighten up significantly, let people know we're stopping.

Then our left blinker, and also our right. All right, now that we know they work, let's head outside, get them in the sunlight, and see how they do. All right, here's what our kit is going to consist of. It's a very straight-forward system. We've got our grommets here. These are made to fit into our already existing holes on our carrier.

We've got our appropriately sized light that's going to slide in. Now this is going to be a 12 diode mirrored light, so this is going to give us great light. These LEDs last a lot longer and are much brighter than the conventional bulb. We've got one of those for each side. Takes a standard 3 pronged plug.

That's going to be already attached to our wiring harness as you can see here. We've got the yellow that's going to run over to our driver's side, and then the green, which goes right over to the passenger's side lights. We'll install those, zip tie it off, and there you can see, plugs right into our existing 4-pole connector. Now don't worry if you've got a 5-pole, a 6-pole or a 7-pole. It's very easy just to adapt that down to a 4-pole, and you'll be able to use it as well. Of course we're going to have some zip ties for getting all of our wiring secured, and we're also going to have some detailed instructions here so we know exactly how to do it. The first thing we want to do is get our grommets slid into place.

As you can see, there's going to be a rib that runs all the way around that back side. We want to get that pressed in to where it will be behind the metal, all the way around. Do that for both sides. Here you can see where that tab's come around the back side. Kind of sandwiching the metal between the front and the back there. That's going to hold everything in place for us. Next we'll grab our lights. We just need to position these inside of that grommet. As we do, we want to be careful not to push the grommet through. That light kind of expands that grommet out. It's going to help it to hold in place really well for us all the way around. All right, now we'll do the same thing for our other side. Now one thing to keep in mind, if this light doesn't slide in easily, which a lot of times it will. It's going to go right in there without any issues. But if it's a little bit tight or a little bit too snug and you can't get it in, you can always use some soap water. Just kind of spray it around the outside. That will allow it to slip in just a little bit easier. What we want to do now is take the plug that has the yellow wire attached, that goes to our driver's side. We'll plug that right into the back of the light there. Then we'll route our harness out and around the underside of the carrier here. Now as we route our wiring, we want to keep it up above the plane of the bottom of our carrier. I want my wiring to be run up alongside rather than down on the bottom of any of the supports I'm going to use. If they're on the bottom, if it makes contact with the ground, we're going to either cut or short our wires out. I'm going to use some of the provided zip ties and just secure it off along the way here. These light kits are really nice for keeping us compliant as we're heading down the road. Often times with these cargo carriers, we're going to have things that get stacked up in front of our tail lights and they could definitely issue a ticket for that. Okay, now we'll get our plugs zip tied off here on the front wherever we want that to go. Now our wiring on our Subaru here is a little to the left, or on the driver's side, so we'll just set it up for that, but you should be able to set it up however you want it, whichever side. We'll leave our plug right here, easy to connect to. Then we'll just start running our green and brown wire over to our other light. Then without doing this last section here, I'm going to go ahead and plug in my light. Then we'll use our zip tie and gather up any extra that we might have there, keep everything nice and right, and that's the gist of it. That's how you'd wire it up to your carrier. Now we'll just plug it in, test out our lights, make sure everything's working. That will complete today's look at the etrailer.com LED light kit for Draw-Tite, Tow-Ready, and roll or rail cargo carriers, part number 98174LED.

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