Kuat Trunk Bike Racks Review - 2014 Volkswagen Passat

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Review of the Kuat Trunk Bike Racks on a 2014 Volkswagen Passat

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 Volkswagen Passat we're gonna be doing a test fit on a Kuat Highline Three Bike Trunk Mount Rack. That part number's HIT3S.Now we have the silver installed right now, however it does come in black under part number HIT3B.This is a trunk mounted bike rack that mounts to the trunk of your vehicle, and it can carry up to three bikes. This is gonna be one of the nice hybrid versions of a trunk mount bike rack. It's very light, so it's gonna be very easy to install, but it's also gonna be durable and be able to support your bikes very well.If we look at the bike and how it's attached to the rack, excuse me, we're gonna see we have to ratchet straps on the top of our bike frame securing it into the cradles. We also have a third point with an anti-sway cradle and a strap. Once we secure that, that's gonna prevent our bike from swaying too much while we're traveling.

It's gonna help prevent the bike from making contact with our vehicle, or with any other bikes we have installed.Let's go ahead and remove the bike. Just push in on that black tab. Lift that up and out. You want to make sure you do the top straps first, and then the anti-sway cradle last. Then you can remove the bike.When you're done it's always a good idea to go ahead and replace the straps so they don't flop around at all while you're traveling.

It's also so you can keep track of them. Pull that up.Now I'm gonna provide you guys with a measurement to give you an idea of the length you're adding on to the back of your vehicle. So we're gonna go from the bumper to the outer most part of our bike rack. We're gonna see we're adding on about 21 and a half inches to the back of our vehicle. We can cut down on that space by just folding down these arms, pushing up the black tab.

When it locks like that you know you're good. Sometimes you might have to manually lock it. There we go. There we go.Now if we measure again we're gonna see that we're only adding on about four inches to the back of our vehicle, which is a pretty big difference. So you do want to keep this in mind for any close quarters situations, such as parking, or even storage.We're gonna see that we have four different points, six different points excuse me, where are bike racks connected.

On the top we have two rubber coated hooks that latch under the top of the trunk. They are labeled upper, as you can see, in white writing. So it's gonna help you avoid confusion with the other hooks.We have two more rubber coated hooks. One each above our taillights. They are labeled side, right there, as again to avoid confusion.Then down below we have two more rubber coated hooks that latch under the bottom of our trunk. They are labeled lower. So, again you're gonna avoid confusion there, which is a pretty unique feature.Now all the rubber coated hooks are gonna help protect the finish of your vehicle from any type of scratches or abrasions while you're installing it.If we look down here we're gonna see, we have these thick rubber pads that sit under the base of our bike rack, that's gonna be on both sides. It's gonna help protect the finish of your vehicle from any damage. We also have those rubber pads sitting up top right here.Now one cool feature I really like about this bike rack as opposed to a couple other ones is, it's a really small thing but for me it kind of means a lot, is that we have these nice hook and loop straps that are keeping the excess of our strap secure while we're traveling so it doesn't flop around too much. Some bike racks you might have to tie it up and then tie it around itself, which could be a pain. This one you've just got to roll it up and then strap it down.Now, one thing about this bike rack that I wish was a little bit different, but it's still is a personal preference thing, is that to adjust it to fit your vehicle you have to click down on these two black tabs and there's no specific setting that you have to put it on, as opposed to a couple of other bike racks on the market. You just, kind of, have to play a guessing game with it and play around with it a bit until you fit it to your vehicle how you feel is correct. So again, personal preference, if you don't mind that this is still a very high quality bike rack.Now the last thing I want to point out is that it's not recommended to open up your trunk while this bike rack is installed as it could cause damage to the bike rack or to the trunk.Now that we've gone over some of those features let's load it up and show you how it preforms on our test course.

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