Kuat Trunk Bike Racks Review - 2014 Dodge Dart

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Review of the Kuat Trunk Bike Racks on a 2014 Dodge Dart

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 Dodge Dart, we're going to be taking a look at the Kuat Highline three bike trunk mounted rack. This is part number HIT3B. This is also available in silver, part number HIT3S. One of the nice things about this bike rack is that it is made of a durable extruded aluminum. So that means it's going to be really durable and long lasting. But it's still going to be lightweight enough that we don't have to worry about having a really heavy bike rack on the back of our trunk.Now a couple things to keep in mind actually with this bike rack.

There's no cable lock or any kind of locking devices offered with this bike rack and those straps, so there's nothing available to secure down that front tire to keep it from moving. However, we do have a lot of options here at etrailer.com. If you want to find a cable lock or strap or anything else like that to secure your bikes to your Highline.Now the way that we're going to secure our bike rack down to the Highline itself is by three straps. Pretty typical for a lot of bike racks especially hanging style. We've got two on the top, one on the down tube and that's going to be our anti-sway cradle.

I think this does a pretty good job of keeping our bike rack stable compared to some other bike racks, it keeps it pretty ridged there.We'll go ahead and take our bike off, so you can get a better look at how that works. Again these are just a flexible vinyl strap so it's not cushioned or anything, but they will flex around your bike to hold it secure. Undo those and now we can take our bike off. So now with our bike removed you can get a better look at the arms and cradles themselves. That anti-sway cradle can be flipped up to make it a little easier to get your bike on and off.

So it can get out of your way. Just redo these straps to make it a little neater. And to put those in place, you just put them in the channel and pull them through.As far as the cradle, it's just going to be a little divet there made out of a softer rubber. So this is going to do couple things. It's going to protect the finish on our bike as well as provide a little bit of road dampening to our bikes as they travel.

Now with our straps secured, let's take a look at the arms. Whenever you're putting these in place, you always want to make sure that you have them as close to level as you can or slightly angled up. You just want to have an elevated arc to the arms. So the way you're going to adjust those is by sliding this button tab up at the top of each arm. And it can adjust up and it'll snap into place. And to lower them down, same way. But before we put them all the way down, let's go ahead and see how much length we've added to the back of our Dodge Dart.So if we measure from the rear most point of our bumper, to the end of the arms it's going to be about 26 and a half inches that we've added to the overall length of our Dart. But again we can lower these arms down to reduce that space. It'll snap in place again once they're all the way down. For this arm, you're going to want to make sure that that anti-sway cradle is folded up out of the way.So now we've reduced that overall length. Let's go ahead and take another measurement. So now the rear most part that's sticking out are going to be our straps here, which from the back of our bumper it's about six inches. Up top, if we go from the back of our trunk sticks out about eight and a half inches. If we go to the straps, it's about 11. So that gives you an idea of the overall dimensions there.Now one big thing to keep in mind with a trunk mounted bike rack. You cannot access your trunk when this is installed. That's a big thing that they highlight in the instructions, is that you can't access that. So when you're actually getting installed, you do have to open the trunk slightly just to get the hooks in place that's on the side and the lower portion. The hooks are all labeled, so you know which ones which. So it'll be printed on there side or lower. And those hooks are rubber coated to protect your vehicle's finish.The easiest way we found to get this installed was to have the angle of our trunk rack set and then put those lower and side hooks in place with the trunk kind of popped open a little bit and then shut it. You want to have everything really, really loose so you can have enough room to get everything installed without doing any damage to your vehicle. You just want to be really careful with that because you don't want these to get in the way of closing your trunk and cause any damage there.Once you have all your hooks in place, you can put in the ones up top and tighten everything down starting with the lower, the side, and then the upper straps. There is a little strap keeper for your excess, so you can just roll it up and secure it with that so you don't have to worry about any straps flapping around, which I think is a really nice benefit. You don't have to worry about tying anything, it's just already in there. To adjust the angle on your trunk mount, you do have these two little levers that you'll depress at the same time and that'll adjust the angle of the Highline itself. So with that, that's going to do it for our look at the Kuat Highline trunk mounted bike rack on our 2014 Dodge Dart.

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