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Kuat Ski and Snowboard Racks Review - 2019 Subaru Outback Wagon

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Review of the Kuat Ski and Snowboard Racks on a 2019 Subaru Outback Wagon

Today on our 2019 Subaru Outback, we're going to be testing the Kuat Grip Ski and Snowboard Carrier. This is available in three different colors. We have the color black on top of our Subaru right now, but it's also available in gray and in pearl, just see is a great accessory to mount to the roof rack of your vehicle. It's going to allow you to haul up to six sets of skis or four snowboards up and down the mountain without having to put them in your vehicle. It's going to save up a lot of room on the inside for more passengers or other gear you might have, especially when you're out skiing or snowboarding, it's not like you're not going to have a ton of layers on which is going to take up even more space.One of the coolest features about this rack is that it slides out to make loading and unloading a lot easier. I'll show you how we do that real quick.

First we'll start at these two handles right here. Now these handles are great because they're so big so even if you have some pretty thick gloves on, you're going to be able to just lift them up after you unlock them, so we're just going to push that to unlock on both sides, then we can just lift them up. They are spring loaded so they're going to fly right up so you don't have to worry about just pushing it up and hoping it stays up. There's two tabs right here, we're gong to push right on that and then we can pull it out all the way, like so.From here, it's a lot easier to load up our skis and snowboards. You can see that I can actually reach the snowboard back here.

With other carriers that don't slide out like this, you're going to have to hop up on the doorframe or you're going to have to get a ladder or something. You're going to have to reach across to the other side to get that snowboard in place. With this system, it's a lot easier, lot less hassle.When we're done loading, you just push both sides evenly all the way until it locks like that. From there you just grab each side. First I'm going to pull it down.

You can see these rubber molded teeth right here that are going to clamp down onto our skis and snowboards. As I as pull it down you'll see how it works, just molds to the skis and snowboards and then you see that they're stationery. We'll do the same on this side. Just like that. You saw all these molded teeth, the rubber just forming to the skis and making sure it holds them in place.

From there, you want to make sure you lock it so that the handles can't come accidentally up while you're traveling down the road. What's also great is that each of the handles is going to have a lock right here. You are going to need a set of keys. You can lock them down. That way no one can even come and unlock it to be able to access your skis and snowboards.Even with skis and snowboards loaded . We have a factory roof rack on here so if you have a factory roof rack on your Subaru, you can just make note of this. We'll open up our truck. You can see it comes decently close to making contact with our skis but it just depends on how you put your skis on there. We had put our skis on, we saw that it came close to making contact so we scooted them up closer towards the front. This is a simple adjustment that can be made.Now one thing that I want to point out if we go to the other side real quick. You can see on this side the clamps are all the way down. It may look like the holder is not securing our snowboard very well. You can see this hinge just kind of came up. That is supposed to happen. Basically, what that does is that's going to prevent you from putting too much pressure on any skis or snowboards that are on the inside right here. The snowboard's still secure, it's not loosening its grip at all. It's still holding it very tight and even without these teeth, it's not going to get out anyway. You can see it can't go back and forth, it can't go towards the other skis and it can't come this way and get through this hinge. It's always going to adjust like that, no matter what, if you have skis or snowboards back there, or how many you have.It's going to connect with four rubber coated steel straps. You can see them right here that wrap around the crossbar and to the other side. There's also going to be a lock right here that locks them into place so no one can take your ski and snowboard carrier off when you're up on the mountain. These four straps right here are going to work with all your factory roof racks like we have on the Subaru, but if you don't have a factory roof rack and you purchase an after market rack, it's also going to fit aero bars, round bars, square bars and elliptical bars so you can rest assured that this is going to fit whatever roof rack you have.With that being said, that's going to do it for our test fit of the Kuat Grip Ski and Snowboard Carrier on our 2019 Subaru Outback.

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