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Kuat Ski and Snowboard Racks Review - 2018 Subaru Outback Wagon

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Review of the Kuat Ski and Snowboard Racks on a 2018 Subaru Outback Wagon

Hi, everyone! Aidan here with Today we're taking a look at the Kuat Grip Ski and Snowboard Carrier on our 2018 Subaru Outback Wagon. Now, this style carrier holds your gear in these clamps. You can open it up by just pushing up on these handles right here. And you can see everything's held in between these thick, rubber pads. That's gonna do a couple of things, protect your gear and make sure it doesn't get scratched up or scuffed, but then it's also going to grip it and make sure that it doesn't slide back and forth, and keep it really sturdy on the roof.

Now, what really sets this one apart is the fact that it actually slides out. We've got two tabs, one on either set of these jaws that we can press in right at the top here and bring the gear out to us. So it makes loading and unloading a lot simpler. The Outback isn't super high up off the ground or anything, but, if you've got really big bulky snow boots on and you're maybe covered in snow, this is gonna make it a lot easier, so you don't have to step into that threshold of your vehicle. Bring the gear out to you and then you're all good.

So for me, that's really great. I think it makes the whole process a lot easier. In addition to that, these are just gonna be really functional carriers. We've got a couple different color options. We've got the black ones here today, but there's also gray and pearl, so you can kind of color match it to your vehicle.

And then these are the smaller sets. For the actual usable dimensions, inside edge to inside edge of the jaws, is gonna be 22 inches on this one. And it's capable of holding up to two snowboards or four pairs of skis. That's really gonna depend on the size of your gear. So just take that usable measurement and check that out for yourself.

And then there is a slightly larger option available in all those different color options too. Something I really appreciate with this is the fact that everything locks. So, we've got this right here that we can push over to the lock position so we can't open it and lock that up with the key. And then the clamps themselves are lockable as well so it's can be secured to the roof rack. These straps that go around the bar, the crossbar actually hold it pretty well, and it works well with our factory cross bars here. They are big enough to work with aftermarket options as well. So if you do have that for your Outback, that is an option too. And I think overall, they work really well. Compared to something like a rooftop box, this is going to be a lot better in terms of cost, they're gonna save a lot more space, so when it's on your roof, they don't stick up too much. And, even in your garage they just don't take up as much room. In the summer you can use 'em for fishing rod holders if you really want to. And overall, I think for the roof it's a really great option for your skis and snowboards, and paired up with that sliding feature, I think they're gonna be a great fit for the Outback wagon. Thanks for watching..

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