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Kuat Cargo Carriers and Bike Racks Replacement Lock Cores Review

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Review of the Kuat Cargo Carriers and Bike Racks Replacement Lock Cores

AJ: What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out how to replace the lock core in some of your Kuat accessories. Maybe you bought this bike rack, the NV 2.0, separately from you bought the Vagabond roof basket, or maybe you got the snowboard carriers. You bought them at separate times, they all have different lock cores in them. It's a pain to have a big old set of keys in your pocket when you're trying to go unlock things, keep figuring out which one they're all numbered different. You buy a lock core set from Kuat, you can fix that and get them all keyed alike, you can buy them in kits up two, four and six.

Let's see how to replace one.We have a two core system today, I'm just going to show you how easy it is to replace the core on one of your cable locks, and the process is going to be the exact same for all the Kuat accessories and their cores. Coming closer you can see, you want to check the number on there. You see how this one's 1-0-6, that doesn't match what we have already. So I bought this core kit to get it matching. Look at the core replacement kit here.

It's going to be 14. So don't worry, it says that on your keys too so you know what keys to use, but after you replaced all your cores, you can just throw those other keys away.You take your old keys, 1-0-6, matching with 1-0-6 on the core. We'll turn it. And that should, sorry I moved it a little bit, it should line up this little hole here. You take the tool that came with your kit and insert that in that gap, that way it holds the key and core in place.

You can pull out your old keys, put in the removal key, that disengages the locks on the inside and pulls out your old core. We'll get one of our new 0-1-4 for our removal key in there again, when you go to put your new core in there, just make sure you align the tabs with the gaps in there, the core falls back in there and stays flush like that. Then you just put your one thumb on top of the core, pull the key and it's in there. You can also pull the removal tool out as well.With a new core in on this side, I'm going to repeat that on the cable lock on the other side. And if we had bought a four core kit or a six core kit, we could go ahead and replace the rest of our accessories, like a ski and snowboard carrier, or even the Vagabond X.

Go ahead and get them all keyed alike that way you only have these keys on your key ring and they work for everything you got that about. Does it for our look at the Kuat replacement cores. Hope this helps..

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