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Kuat Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2015 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the Kuat Hitch Bike Racks on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with Today we're taking a look at the Kuat Piston Pro X four bike rack, here on our 2015 Toyota 4Runner. Now, this is going to be a really nice premium bike rack here, capable of holding up to 40 pounds per bike and holding the bike by the wheels. Now, that's gonna mean zero frame contact making it good for our carbon frame bike here, but also make it work really well with alternative frame bikes. And if you decide to maybe only carry two bikes.

It will be good for e-bikes, too. Those two inner cradles will have a slightly higher weight capacity of 60 pounds. Now, aside from that though, the piston is a very premium rack. The big thing that makes this standout is the integrated piston arm. So, we've got buttons here that I can just hit and automatically open up these cradles to make loading and unloading really simple.

You'll notice that all of these different points for the wheels here are adjustable, really quickly and easily. So, if you're going out with a lot of friends, everyone's got a different size bike, different size wheels, or you're just getting set up for your family. You've got some kids' bikes. Everything's easy to use. Now, the one thing I will say as to the ease of use, is that it's heavy.

This is about a hundred pounds, a little over. So, getting this in your hitch, tilting it, all that is going to be a little bit difficult. I'll go ahead and tilt it, now. We've got the handle right up here by our first bike. Push that down and you can ease the rack down.

I will say easing it down isn't too bad, but we only have it loaded up with one bike. If it's fully loaded, that's gonna be a lot more difficult. But, you still can tilt it, get access to the back of your vehicle. So, if we need to change our shoes before or after a ride we can, or we can just get something out of the back. I'll close that up, and we can just lift the bike rack back up into place. You'll hear it click. Just like that, letting us know it's locked in. And then from here I can unload the bike. I'm gonna do this with one hand on the bike, just to kind of make sure it doesn't tip over here. And you'll notice that, doing this innermost one, definitely have to reach for it. So it's not the easiest thing in the world but definitely doable, especially if you've got other people with you. That'll make loading and unloading a lot easier. And then again, we can just go ahead, and ratchet those arms down. And from here, we'll go ahead and get some measurements. We'll start off with our ground clearance. There is a pretty good rise in the bike rack here. And at the back end, we are getting 30 and a half inches of ground clearance. It also does stick out quite a bit from the back of the vehicle. So, For our added length, we're gonna be looking at about, 50 and a half inches, from the back of the 4Runner to the back of the bike rack. So that does add quite a bit of length, but we can fold it upright when the bikes aren't loaded. So, if we don't wanna deal with taking this in and out of the hitch every time we want to use it, we just wanna leave it here so it's ready to go for next time we can. And here, it'll take up a lot less space. Only adding about 15 and a half inches. Now, with this though, a couple things to keep in mind. It's a very bulky bike rack, we're gonna be sacrificing some of our visibility through the back window. Our license plate here is going to be pretty much fully blocked, and our backup camera is going to have severely restricted visibility. Maybe some visibility through here, but it's not gonna work out too well. One thing you do have though, is the integrated taillights. You've gotta set here, and here. And it just plugs in through four pole wiring that is included with the bike rack, to your vehicle end. If you don't have wiring on your vehicle you will need to pick that up, but it'll give you your brake lights, turn signals, all that sort of thing, so that people know what you're doing when you're on the road. Now, down at the hitch area, we've got a tool for our anti-rattle device. So, it's not tool free. But, it's nice that the tool stores on the bike rack. So, we get the benefit of not forgetting it, but it's also a lot more secure. So, it's gonna keep things solid in the hitch and it'll lock up here whenever we're done with it. Down at the hitch though, it's working with our two inch by two inch receiver tube, and the pin is locking key-like, to that lock up top. And overall, it's going to be a really solid bike rack. If you're looking for something that isn't going to be as heavy, the NV four bike rack from Kuat, that's a little bit lighter, but if you're wanting to go for nearly half the weight, the Saris EX that is going to be a lot lighter, lot more easy to use. Maybe not some of the bells and whistles that you might find on this one here, but it is still gonna have zero frame contact, same sort of benefits of holding our bike that way, and just a lighter package. Either way you go though, it's gonna be a great fit for your 4Runner here, and get your bikes to their destination. Thanks for watching..

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