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Konig Self-Tension Low-Pro Snow Chains Review

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Review of the Konig Self-Tension Low-Pro Snow Chains

Adam: Hi, everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Konig easy-fit snow tire chains. Apparently these are super easy to install. So, today we're going to put them to the test just so you guys will find out if they really are easy to install. Fresh out of the box, actually a pretty durable bag, a little dirty, but durable bag.

And I think we're going to have a set of two in here. So, let's check that out.Cool. So, we have a pair of two and there's actually some instructions here. And we have instructions here. We are going to get a little bag with some goodies in it.

It is going to be hook and loop so you won't lose them. So, we are going to get some gloves here. If you don't have them in your car, I do suggest keeping them in your car because these aren't really going to be too warming. But then we have step one.So we're going to grab the chains from this section here and we're going to have these loops and they're actually going to go all the way around, and we're going to do it just to the ones that are really close to this middle section here. These are included with the kit in that little bag that we showed you, and you're going to take one with a stem and then one with a hole in it.

Set those aside, and all we're really going to do, we're going to have the side that doesn't have a hole in it and a little stem and just squeeze them together.So this is just going to be the prep work so you don't have to redo it every single time you install your chains. Once you get it done, you don't have to do it again. So you just go ahead and finish up all the other ends and clip them together. I'm going to go ahead and do that now and we'll get started.Once you get step one done, you can just go ahead and either put them on your tires, but we're actually going to go walk and grab them and go to a car and put them on. So I'm going to bag these up.

And I have noticed a lot of these kind of style tire chains are really hard to actually wrap up and get them into the bag. These don't really come apart, so definitely bagging them up is easier than most. So, it's doing pretty good so far. Let's see how easy it is to put on our tires.So these tire chains are going to be able to fit multiple different size tires. So, just go on your car and find your tire size if you don't know it and then go ahead and put it into our fit guide, and then you'll be able to grab the right size for you. In this instance, we are going to be using 235/55R19. So if you guys don't know where your tire size is, usually almost always are going to be around the rim here.All right, so they we're saying that you can actually use this as a pad for your knees. All right, so the first thing we need to do is press in these two tabs here and also pull this out and we can take our red side here. Actually stretch them all the way out. And the red section is going to go at the bottom of your wheel, and this section up here goes to the top. We are going to start with the top, bring in this black loop all the way around to the back end of our tire. I'm going to do the same with our bottom sections here and get them as far back as you can.I am getting a little hung up here, so make sure the red little rope goes completely underneath your tire just so you can get that all the way around back. So, once you to do that, pull that down, step on it till you hear it click. Once you hear it click, we are going to have a decent amount of tension. We are going to roll over a couple times and come back out and check it, and if everything is in order, these will tighten up a little bit as you drive down and you should be ready to hit the road.So it only took me about 60 seconds or so to put this on and get it all secured into place. Yes, that's pretty quick. I didn't have to get underneath the car and actually crawl down because, you know, if you're putting on snow tire chains there's probably snow on the ground. So that's definitely a plus for me. There's a lot of moving parts and a lot of extra features in here. If you're looking for something basic, there is a bunch here at, and it might just be a little bit longer to put on, but it's a very more basic chain.It's going to do the same exact thing and these are going to be a diamond pattern, but what's unique about these diamond patterns is the link here, whenever it splits off, there's actually an extra link. So, it's just going to make it hold up over time. They are made of a manganese nickel alloy steel, and they're going to wear evenly and just resist rust and corrosion. It also thinks about your car as well. The chains here are plastic and they have a little coating on it, so they're just going to be easier on your hands and also, if they make contact with your nice rim here, it's not going to make any damage.Also, there is a softer coding on the back too, just in case it hits your rim as well. So it takes care of you and your rims and, again, it was a really quick and easy install and it's just as quick to get them off. Other than that, we do have a D-link shape, so it's going to wear relatively evenly. They're not the most aggressive snow tire chains you can get, but with a low clearance wheel well, as you see here, you don't necessarily want the aggressive ones. This is a S-Class certified, so it is going to be made for those lower clearance wheel wells as you see here.But other than that, honestly, I would definitely give this a thumbs up. It's a cool different design. Super quick and easy. Comes with a good carrying case. Quick on, quick off. So I would definitely recommend. So that's just about all you really need to know about the Konig easy-fit snow tire chains.

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