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Kelty Spare Tire or Sprinter Van Door Mount Trash Pack Review

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Review of the Kelty Spare Tire or Sprinter Van Door Mount Trash Pack

Hey everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at our Kelty trash pack spare tire and sprinter door mounted here at etrailer. So when you're out camping, there's some things you have to think about. One of them is "What do you do with your trash when you're done with it" You can't really have it inside your vehicle because after a little bit of time, it does start to stink. So that's where a trash pack like this comes in handy.

So this creates a little trash bag or rather a big trash bag where you get to store all your trash bags, all your trash. You can tie them up right over here. It's accessible for you as you're at the campsite, but when you're ready to go, it keeps it out of the way and keeps your vehicle from stinking up. Now I do have some friends. I myself also go to the camp site and I did notice that we don't have as much trash after a weekend trip, which is good.

In that case, this may be not use as much for trash, but for your other items, like your firewood or your other supplies. So it is nice to know that this is versatile depending on if you need it as a trash bag or a cargo bag. We actually have a pretty large pouch here. So this is an 85 liter pouch. So if you don't have as much trash, you can cinch it up right over here with our little cincher.

And then when you're ready to fill it up, you can bring or put your bags right inside and fill up with your cans, your food, your bottles, and you can get up to 85 liters worth of trash in here. While the outside of your bag is gonna be made of polyester, the inside has this vinyl coating. So this is going to help out as you do have your trash in there, sometimes spills do occur. Of course, I do recommend if you have a can or bottle, please try to dump that out first and try to clean it before you throw it away. But it is nice to see how it does have that coating on the inside.

Now you can put your trash bags in there so that you have a liner. You can also put your trash directly into the bag, but I do recommend using trash bags, especially if you're into recycling, that way you can segregate your trash and make sure that doesn't mix together. Now, another purpose for this is, as you go towards the campsite, you don't have trash yet, so you can bring your firewood in this bag. And once you burned up all your firewood, that's when your trash accumulates. So firewood out, trash back in. As you do cinch up your pouch, including this little lock at this end. Notice how this on its own is not water resistant. What will help with that water resistance is putting this lid right back over. So your lid will have buckles, which you'll buckle onto it. It's not waterproof, so don't dump it into the lake, but it is water resistant. So as you have that rain, as water splashes onto it, it is going to help your trash stay from getting even moister than it already is. Here at the bottom we have a zippered pouch. So this is going to be a bit more accessible compared to our larger pouch on the inside. I put my extra buckles here for when we have this on a sprinter van, but you can put your other essentials like your shampoos, your soaps, or whatever you need easily handy. Another great use for this is this where you can put your spare trash bags or your trash bag liners. So there really isn't an actual storage capacity for our front pouch. So some dimensions from me for you is at for length, it's 10 and a half inches long, eight and a half inches tall, and about an inch and a half deep. So personally, this feels like a sturdy pack, even though it's really lightweight on its own. So there is that vinyl coating on the inside, which even as I scratch it, isn't scratching the actual coating. On the outside we have this polyester and it looks like it's very finely woven, which is always great. Now for your front pouch, you're going to have that polyester on the back and the vinyl on the front. So it's not completely waterproof or water resistant for the front pouch while your large pouch is. So you have two different methods of installing it, depending on where you install it. So if you have it on your spare tire, you have these straps that use the buckles and they just buckle together. If you have it on your sprinter door, you use the included straps that have hooks on the end. So let's take a look at the process for installing it onto our spare tire. So for the install process, you have three pairs of straps and we're going to put them on our spare tire. So the first thing I recommend you doing is loosening the straps to as loose as you can get them, because once you get them first off, they're going to be all bundled up. So you want as much excess as you can get. What I do first is I buckle the center straps. So then we're just going to put them right together, right here, and then drape it over our spare tire. Just like that, to get it over the back. Next, we're going to go diagonal. So get the top right strap, bring it over here diagonally and then connect it with the bottom left strap and just buckle them. Now, the easiest way to do this is to make sure that one side is the longest, meaning it doesn't have as much strap tightened down. Then the other one is where you adjust the strap tightness. Once you have the other diagonal strap tightened down or buckled into place, then you just start tightening your loose straps on each end. And then that should be it. Now, if you are installing these onto your sprinter doors, you also have these hooks that come with this kit. So these replace the straps on your current bag, and then this is what you use to buckle it down. So I have my water, I have my bag. Let's see how it looks like if you splash water on it. Notice how the water immediately started beating up and just sliding off of our material. Even over here by our polyester, you can see it's just, it's not gathering, but it's just coming right off, let's take a look on the inside. So our bag in here is perfectly dry, as long as you make sure none of the water on the lifts go on the inside. So it's nice to say that is water resistant. So my final thoughts about our trash pack here is that I'm personally really impressed by its durability, as well as how well made it is. Now for its sturdiness, that is up to you. Please make sure to have it buckled or strapped down correctly before you hit the road. Now as for how it works as a trash pack. I think it's great. You've got a lot of capacity for a lot of trash. You're there at the campsite. You do need something to carry it around, That way it's not inside of your vehicle, but it's also a good all around cargo bag where you can carry your firewood, your money items, your wet items. I think it's pretty good. And that was a look here at our Kelty trash pack for your spare tire or your sprinter door mount here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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