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Kelty Lowdown Camp Chair Review

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Review of the Kelty Lowdown Camp Chair

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer and today we'll be taking a look at our Kelty Lowdown Camp Chair right here at So you're at your campsite or you're with your friends in their back yard, or you just want something comfortable to sit in after a long day of hiking or exploring. What we have here is the Kelty Lowdown Camp Chair. So there's a bunch of different chairs. You can find them right here at etrailer, actually, in different shapes and different sizes. But this one is perfect, if you want something a little bit extra, a little bit different and a lot more comfortable.

So this gives you superior support as well as stability. So, one thing about this, like for other chairs, I might be worried about sitting in it too quickly or too violently, 'cause it could tip over, but notice how well this sits on our ground. Our ground is slightly uneven, slightly not level, and still I'm not worried about it. Now I also have our Kelty Camp Seat here where I tried it out here in this hiking, camping situation. Let's take a look at that.

So let's have a little Goldilocks moment where we try to find the perfect chair for me. So here we have our traditional Camp Chair. You can see how you have the stability, you have all the different poles, you have your cup holders. Now the one downside to this was it's kind of heavy, kind of difficult to transport, and it's hard to put back into its case. So still a good camp chair, just not as portable.

Let's go to the next one. And here we have our Kelty Lowdown Camp Chair. This is a lot of fun to use. This is the lower version of some of their camp chairs. You have that same stability, actually slightly more stability.

You have a large cup holder on this side. And the carrying case in for this is larger, it's kind of bulky, but has some straps and has some covers too. So this is nice, but it's also a larger camp chair. And now we have our Camp Seat. So this is definitely the winner when it comes to portability. Do I have as much back support as I did on the Lowdown Actually, maybe not as much. I do like how I get to adjust my back support though. So I still get a good and comfy sitting position here. Maybe not as support as our other camp chairs, but when it comes to portability, this is what I would prefer. If it comes to support, I might be willing to carry the heavier chairs. And you can also adjust the arm very quickly. So as you lift that arm rest up, you get some slack and that allows you to tighten that down, lifting your arm rest up, when you wanna bring it down, loosen it. And just like that. Now for the wrap that goes around your chair, this is not just a storage case. This can also be used as a floor mat or a dog mat because of how it's padded as well as how comfortable it is. It's very easy to use. And here we have our cup holder. While others have just the mesh, and that creates a cup holder, notice how this has the foam padding, which keeps it insulated and keeps your drinks cool for longer. Now my personal favorite part about this chair is it's really easy to pack up and transport. So you really just bring this together, just like that. And then you have its own special case, which is nice because then you're not trying to feed it into a tube, which is really hard to do with other chairs. So with three straps and three buckles, as well as a lot of adjustability right there, makes it really easy to pack up. So we have a carrying strap right over here that's adjustable depending on how you want to carry it, but here in its storage position, we have a length of about roughly 32 inches long. Now that is gonna depend on how tight you have it wrapped around. I really, really like how it looks when it's in its portable position, especially because it makes it super easy to store inside of your vehicle or in your garage. And when you're ready to go, you're ready to go. Now it does sit lower to the ground than our other camp chairs, but personally, I think that just adds to the stability as well as to the comfort level. Really good for if you're in your backyard, you're sitting around your bonfire, you're hanging out with friends or you're just going camping. So all in all, we have a bunch of different camp chairs right here at etrailer. Definitely check out their product pages and their different video demos and reviews. But this is one of my favorites. And that was a look here at our Kelty Lowdown Camp Chair right here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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