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Kelty Catena Sleeping Bag Review

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Review of the Kelty Catena Sleeping Bag

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at the Kelty Catena sleepy bag, which can also work if you use two as a double wide sleepy bag. So this is available as a 30 degree rated bag. If you have different temperatures for your different adventures, let's say you're in the snow, really high elevation or you're in a really, really, really warm summer climate, then this might not be the best fit for you. But this is still pretty good as a versatile sleeping bag.

So we'll talk about that. As a rectangular sleeping bag, there's some things that you're gonna wanna keep in mind. One, is that this has a lot of space at the end, so this is where I would store the stuff sack or my other items inside of the sleeping bag just to make them easy available in the morning. And if I want to I could just open up the sides for that ventilation. This does not have two zippers, though.

So if you do want to have that opening at your feet, you're gonna have to completely open the entire side of your sleeping bag. So then when you do zip it up, it creates a rectangular bag. You do have a double sided zipper, though, which is nice because then you can access it from, both, the inside and the outside. Now, for the question you've all been asking, "How do I zip two Catena bags together" Well, here's how it goes. You know how you completely open your bag Well, bring the zipper all the way there to the end of your, I guess, the middle of your sleeping bag.

And once you get to those two points, just keep pulling. Because if you pull enough, it will come apart and then you're gonna have the zipper on a single track. And then you get your second Catena bag and then make sure you do the same thing. So notice how the two tracks are apart. That's because you are in the corner of your sleeping bag.

So make sure those parts are facing each other. So before your sleeping bag looks like this, now, you're gonna open it up and then have it facing the other sleeping bag and then just feed this through. Pull it all the way through, and then you can zip it. So this is gonna be the tricky part 'cause you have to make sure it's completely centered. Just like that do the other side. And now you have a double wide Catena sleeping bag. So it's still gonna be open at the top and just serves more as a blanket that wraps around you and your friend. So now let's talk about material. This is made of a polyester taffeta. This is gonna be 190T polyester taffeta, which makes it very comfy. The insulation is gonna be your 30 degree rated cloudfoam. So the focus for that kind of insulation is gonna be so it's lightweight still but still provide that warmth. So let's fully zip this up and notice how this is a rectangular bag and not a mummy bag. So you are gonna have to consider, what if there's mosquitoes What if you wanna completely cover yourself For those options, you're gonna have like things like mosquito netting or your tent or your camper to completely cover yourself. What Kelty does add to most of their sleeping bags is this nice extra layer or this extra lip. So this goes underneath your zipper. That way, when you zip everything up, you're covering that seam and keeping your whole sleeping bag insulated. And you have color options. So what I have is the green and blue version but you can also get this as an off-white and blue. I prefer the darker colors 'cause it's less likely to get dirty. On the inside, you have this nice light material as well. And no matter which color you get, they're gonna work the same way. This is a 30 degree rated blanket, so it's good for two seasons. So that's usually summer and fall, although, that does depend on where you are. So when we talk about that rating there's other options too. Let's say, it's gonna get really, really, really cold, you might want something that's 20 or even 0 degrees. So I did a little comparison with our other Kelty sleeping bags to explain that. So we have a bunch of different Kelty sleeping bags here with different degree ratings. So that's gonna be ranging from 0 all the way to 50. So let's go over each of the different ratings and talk about what they're for, and what kind of sleeping bag you would want for certain situations. This is the Kelty Rambler, perfect for summer seasons, or if you're in a tropical climate, or if you're in a low elevation area. Looking at the insulation, you can see it's very, very thin, which means you're not too warm at night but this also more lightweight and more compact than your other sleeping bags. And here we have the Kelty Kush and the Kelty Catena. So these are all rated for a 30 degrees. So this is gonna be slightly cooler than your Kelty Rambler. This is good for what we call two seasons camping, which is usually spring or summer in certain areas. And this is a good in between sleeping bag. If you're not too sure if you're gonna be cold or you're not too sure if it's gonna be warm, you'd wanna go with the middle of the road, 30 degree sleeping bag. And these two here are 20 degree sleeping bags with differences. So this one uses the cloudfoam insulation. So this is the Kelty Mistral and you can feel that the insulation for this is a lot lighter than the ThermaPro insulation that the Kelty Tuck uses. 20 degrees is what I would use during winter camping or cold camping. Just because, especially with the ThermaPro insulation, you wanna make sure that it can handle condensation. Even if you are breathing inside of the sleeping bag, or there is some moisture in the sleeping bag you wanna make sure it doesn't gather too much then you're not sopping wet when you wake up. And finally, we have our 0 degree sleeping bag. This is really good for those really, really, really cold winter snowy nights. You'll wanna make sure that you can handle those low temperatures. They usually have the mummy style because you wanna make sure there's no condensation gathering on the inside of your sleeping bag and it goes out through your nose and your mouth. This is the Mistral, so it also uses the CloudLoft insulation like the other Mistral sleeping bags. If you want a little extra insulation or extra temperature control, maybe take a look at the ones that use the ThermaPro insulation. But still 0 degrees for those really cold nights. There are other sleeping bags out there that go even colder like -20 or -30, but those are not part of the Kelty line. So for those ratings, different sleeping bag brands sometimes use different ratings. There's comfort rating, there's lower limit rating. Comfort rating is, usually, like how comfortable would you be at this temperature So supposedly, at 20 degrees, you'd be comfortable with a 20 degree sleeping bag. Other brands also have a difference between women's and regular sleeping bag ratings. So supposedly, the women's sleeping bag is warmer than another sleeping bag of the same temperature. Now, I tried both of our 20 degrees sleeping bags and I didn't really notice that big of a difference, other than the ThermaPro insulation being that much warmer than the Mistral insulation. So that's something else to consider. If you do feel like you need a little extra warmth, check out the women's line of sleepy bags. Now, my favorite thing about sleeping bags is how easy it is to store your bag after are done with your adventure. So in the compact position you do get a stuff sack with this. It's gonna be 18 inches long by 10 inches wide, which means that you can store this in your bag or in your car or in your camper. And then you just take the sleeping bag out and make sure you don't lose that stuff sack. So my personal thoughts about the Kelty Catena is that it really works well when you have two of the sleeping bags. But other than that, it's pretty much a basic sleeping bag. There's other sleeping bag lines that does what this says, but slightly better. The Kelty Tuck has more of a form fitting bag with a mummy style, as well, different size options. The Kelty Kush is more stylish than this with its pin strip style design, as well as its versatility. But if you and your friend are going out camping and maybe you wanna combine your sleeping bags that's where this does a really good job. And that was the look right here at our Kelty Catena Sleeping Bag here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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