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Kelty Camp Chair Review

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Review of the Kelty Camp Chair

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we'll be taking a look at our Kelty Camp Seat here at So let's say you're going to the beach, or you're going to a music festival, or you're just someone who wants a lightweight option to keep you comfortable wherever you go. That's where our Kelty Camp Seat comes in handy. As you can see, this creates a chair as well as some back support, and you can really set this up anywhere you want to. So let's have a little Goldilocks moment where we try to find the perfect chair for me.

So here we have our traditional camp chair. You can see how you have this stability, you have all the different poles, you have your cup holders. Now the one downside to this was it's kind of heavy, kind of difficult to transport, and it's hard to put back into its case. So still a good camp chair, just not as portable. Let's go to the next one.

And here, we have our healthy Lowdown camp chair. This is a lot of fun to use. This is the lower version of some of their camp chairs. You have that same stability, actually, slightly more stability. You have a large cup holder on this side and the carrying case for this is larger.

It's kind of bulky, but has some straps and has some coverage too. So this is nice, but it's also a larger camp chair. And now we have our Camp Seat. So this is definitely the winner when it comes to portability. Do I have as much back support as I did on the Lowdown Actually, maybe not as much.

I do like how I get to adjust my back support though. So I still get a good and comfy sitting position here. Maybe not a support as our other camp chairs, but when it comes to portability, this is what I would prefer. If it comes to support, I might be willing to carry the heavier chairs. So let's say you're out hiking and you find something like this rock to sit on. Now this is not a very comfortable rock, but if you use your Kelty seat chair, you can see how this has foam padding on the bottom, just to get you over the uneven rock underneath you, and then you also have this back support. So this is a lot better than if you we're just sitting on the rock on itself, because now you're comfortable. So on this side, you have these straps. And what they're used for is to adjust your seat angle. So if you don't wanna be leaning too far back like this, you could just pull on this strap and then adjust your seat forward, and it gives you a bit more back support. So being able to adjust that height is also helpful for if you need certain support in certain areas. Let's say if you wanna support your lower back, definitely have it upright. And then if you want to lower it a bit more and then be able to lean back and just to get really comfortable, you can do so. And then when the concert is over or when it's time to leave the beach, or when you're ready to go, all you need to do is just, well, get out of your seat, and then it folds down automatically. You may wanna tighten down the straps. But other than that, you're ready to go. So I have my personal backpack here, you can see how beat up it already is. But what if I wanna carry this Camp Seat with me What I found was the best way for this specific backpack is just to use the straps that are already on there. You can see how we have buckles, so just undo those buckles, use those straps to wrap around. And if you have, let's say these kinds of straps on your backpack, you can utilize them too, just feed them through and buckle this down on each side. So you have some different Kelty options here at etrailer when it comes to seats, as well as Camp Seats. So for your Camp Seats, you have two different color options. You have teal as well as light blue. Now the teal kind of mimics the color scheme that Kelty uses with their other products like you can see with the awning behind me. It also has teal and orange. With anything I use, I'm very conscious about the construction, as well as the material it's made of. So you can feel here on the seat, we have a foam padding. That's what really makes a difference. When you have it on the rock, I could barely feel the rock underneath me because of that foam padding. It's not thick, but it's sturdy underneath there. There's also a brace on the edge of your Camp Seat on each side. So I think that's what's really giving you the support as it's holding you up and giving you that back support. It's from this brace that goes on this entire edge. Another important feature for really any product is the straps and the stitching. So you have these carry straps or I guess your carry handles. Since it's not heavy, it doesn't have to give as much support, but I do like how this feels sturdy. Now what's holding your buckles in is this stitching over here, and that is actually what I'm impressed with because it has to be able to support you with these straps. You can see how they're stitched to be extra, extra durable. Now you might wonder, "Does it only fit her because it's a small seat for a smaller person" Well, I've had multiple friends try out this Camp Seat and whether they we're six feet tall or five feet tall like me, we all had a good experience with it. So let's take some measurements just to show how it works or how it fits. So when it comes to the height of the seat, it sits at about 19 inches tall. So that's gonna be where your padding is and that's gonna be what's supporting your back. So even if your back is taller than that, it will still support your lower back. Now the measurement for the width is going to be about 17 inches. Now the actual width measurement doesn't really matter as much because it kind of conforms around you. So as you can see here, we have these flaps to the side. Then as I lean back, they move up around me. So my final thoughts about this Camp Seat chair is that it actually surprised me by how much fun it was to use. It was very quick and easy to adjust. So I just sat down and I quickly pulled the straps to tighten it down, and suddenly, I'm comfortable and ready to eat my food, watch a concert, do whatever I want to do. And when I'm done, it's so quick to just fold it right back up, strap it down to wherever I need to strap it to, and I'm ready to go. So compared to your traditional camp chair, where you kind of have to figure out where the legs go, where the arms go, and pack it into its little case, this one is so quick and easy to use, and I really enjoy it. Now it's not for everyone. Let's say if you want a bit more support or you don't wanna be sitting on the ground or you just like your regular camp chairs, those are perfectly fine. When you want something that's portable, lightweight, and easy to use and fun, this might be a good option for you. And that was a look here at our Kelty Camp Seat here at My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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