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K Source Dual Lens Universal Towing Mirrors Review

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Review of the K Source Dual Lens Universal Towing Mirrors

Speaker 1: Today you're gonna be getting a good look at the K Source Universal Dual Lens Towing Mirrors. They're a clip on style, sold in a pair, with part number KS3990. The K Source Universal Clip On Towing Mirrors are gonna offer us a wide field of view, they're gonna allow us to safely and easily change lanes, pass, park, or even back up while towing a trailer or a camper. As you can see, I'm visible in the towing mirror, but not the factory mirror. Between the two mirrors, the larger mirror is gonna give us an accurate perspective of what's behind us, while the smaller mirror acts as a spot mirror. It's gonna increase safety when changing lanes.

If I walk in towards my trailer, as you can see, there's no blind spot by the way we have it set up. This is the view you get with just your factory mirror.Both mirrors are gonna be adjustable to most angles. We've got our up and down, diagonal, and side-to-side. The smaller mirror's also a convex mirror, which means it curves slightly outward, so it's gonna be more efficient, and it's gonna increase safety when towing. The four clips are not gonna interfere with the operation or movement of our factory mirror, and we can even still fold it in.

Here on the back side, two ratchet straps hold it in place around the factory mirror. They're nice and secure. As you can see with them in place, I'm able to move the whole mirror, and it's not gonna come off. Compared to other towing mirrors that just use rubber straps on the back side, the ratchet straps are gonna provide a lot more of a tighter fit. They feature large rubber padding to prevent any scratches or abrasions to your factory mirror.They're made out of a high quality durable plastic, so they're not gonna rust or corrode, and they're gonna stand up to the elements for a long time.

A few great things about having universal towing mirrors are, is for one, they're for temporary use. So you can take them off when you're done towing. Another great thing is, they're completely universal, so if you have any other trucks or SUVs in the household, it may work with those as well. They're sold in a pair, so not only are you gonna get a wider view on your driver's side, you're gonna get one on your passenger's side too. The mirror's dimensions are 7-1/2 inches wide by 5-1/8 inch tall.

The towing mirrors are designed to work with mirror sizes between 4-1/2 inches and 11-1/2 inches tall. It does that by its adjustability. Here you can see how the arm rotates and pivots to accommodate those mirrors.The clips have a unique design so that when they're tightened, they're gonna draw in so you'll get a nice secure fit around your housing. Now we'll take a closer look at the ratchet strap. It has two parts to it. The top portion of the strap is gonna be that ratchet style, so you can get a nice secure fit. The bottom is rubberized, so it can stretch out around those larger mirrors. Here underneath you can see that the padding is soft, and it's gonna contour most mirrors. Now you've had a good look at the K Source Universal Dual Lens Towing Mirrors, part number KS3990.

R S.


My car has a tear shape and contours from about 7' to 5 then drops off. bmw x5 Will this be a solid fit? Thank you

Victoria B.


The K-Source Dual Lens Towing Mirrors # KS3990 offer a universal fit, with the ratcheting strap designed to provide the mirrors with a secure fit on a wide variety of mirrors. I have included a link to a video showing the K-Source mirror installed on a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which seems to have a similar mirror shape to your X5, for you to check out. One of our experts uses a universal towing mirror on his Chevy Colorado and he likes to crisscross the straps on the back of the mirror to provide a tighter, more secure fit.



Passenger side demo needed, it’s the most dangerous side. Please add additional video.

Jason S.


It installs the same way on the passenger side. You can see the mirror attached to the passenger side mirror at the 2:04 minute mark on the video. I know we don't go over the features on that side but that is simply because the features don't change. There is still the dual mirror face that is manually adjustable so you can get your desired view of your trailer. I've attached another video to show the adjust-ability on a different video. I'll let the team know a video showing the mirror side of the passenger towing mirror would be helpful.

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