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JR Products Pivot Lock Hitch Pin Review

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Review of the JR Products Pivot Lock Hitch Pin

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer. And today, we're taking a look at the JR Products pivot lock hitch pin. Now, this is gonna be for two inch receivers with a 5/8 hitch pin hole. Now, when you have accessories loaded up into your trailer hitch receiver, it is necessary to have a pin and clip. And unfortunately, those being a combo, sometimes if you lose your actual clip, you're kind of not able to actually put your accessories in without the potential of this falling out.

And that's the great part about this is the pivot clip is actually integrated in, so you don't have to worry about having those cotter pins in. It's also easier to actually clip this in. Sometimes those cotter pins can kind of fight you to get those in place. So, the way that this works is you actually pinch here. And you're able to push this forward, allowing you to slide this in.

And then once in place, you can simply push this up and it clips it in. As you can see, you can just slide this in and you'll be able to flick this, push it up. No having to align the hole properly to get your pin, or your clip in. It just simply snaps in and it's ready to go. Your accessory is gonna stay in place.

Now, when removing this, you kind of can get a little bit tricky is I can't really get my fingers to pinch here, but that's no problem. I can simply just kind of twist this pin, and then pull this out from this side, slide that, and then it comes out. Now, one of our neighbors actually pointed out and we confirmed the fact that this actually is a little bit oversized. And if you have a new hitch or a new accessory, something that hasn't had a hitch pin and clip go through it a bunch to kind of waller it out a little bit, this can be a tight fit. So, we ended up kind of just grinding this down just a little bit.

And I don't think it's gonna cause any issue long term but it is rather tight fit. So, if you have a new accessory and you do pick this one up, you may just wanna double check. And if you need to, you might sand this down just to smooth those edges, allowing it to slide in easily. Now, if that's something that would deter you from picking up this clip individually, that's fine. We actually have plenty of other options that you can pick from, including locking ones as well as just your standard pin and clip as well. So, this is a really great design. There's been times where I look for my pin and I can't find my clip. And so, you are kind of stuck not being able to use the accessory. Having this integrated means that it's always gonna be there. It is pretty quick and easy to use. It's slides pretty nice through all this. And just a little bit of pressure allows this to go back and forth. So, really cool design. And it kind of just makes one last thing that you have to keep track of. And that was a look at the JR Products pivot clip hitch pin..

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