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JR Products Spring-tensioned Coupler Pin Review

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Review of the JR Products Spring-tensioned Coupler Pin

What's going on, neighbor Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be looking at a coupler pin. Not a whole lot to this. We have a lot on our website, but this one's gonna be great for these kinds of couplers here. It's not that long. It's about an inch and three eights inches long, and it is gonna have a diameter of a quarter inch.

So, whenever you lock your coupler up, go ahead and put this in and snap it around. And it is zinc coated just like our coupler here so it's not really going to rust away over time. This is gonna be great just for locking it into place. You really need to do that whenever you're hauling whatever you got going behind ya. But, with this, it's gonna fit.

So make sure the hole is gonna be the right size. And, of course, we wanna make sure it's going to be long enough for what we got. So, this basically is gonna be limited to these kind of couplers you see here. It is just your basic pin. There isn't a whole lot to it.

If you lose things a lot like me, we do have some on our website that will come with a chain that you can go ahead and connect it to the coupler somewhere so it can sit there and dangle and you don't have to keep track of it. But ,if you're not like me and you can keep track of stuff pretty good, this is gonna be great, too. Basically just get that essential piece on your trailer so you can have that peace of mind whenever you're going down the road, hauling safely. If you are using an EZ Coupler like this one, it's not gonna be long enough. So, it has the right diameter to go through, but it doesn't even make it to the other side.

So, this is important for choosing which pin to go with. If you've got something like this, this is not gonna be long enough. But we do have longer versions on our website. There isn't much to this one. Just take the measurements that you need to make sure you get the right pin. We have a lot here at etrailer so go ahead and check them out. And, again, this just was a coupler pin. And I'm Adam with etrailer..

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