Inno Watersport Carriers Review - 2014 Nissan Maxima

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Review of the Inno WaterSport Carriers on a 2014 Nissan Maxima

Today on our 2014 Nissan Maxima, we're doing a test fit of the Inno BoardLocker surfboard carrier. Part Number INA744. We already have the front half of our carrier on. We're going to show you how we load those up and then we'll show you how to load up your surfboard. The first thing we do is slide on our carrier and line those up the best we can. Then we'll take our plastic piece, fit that around our crossbar and see if that'll lock down. Seems to be a bit too tight so we'll loosen it with our knob here down at the bottom.

We'll just replace that. Then we just keep tightening until it's tight enough to hold our carrier in place but we don't want it too tight so it damages any part of the carrier. Good. Because it is face this way, that prevents a lot of the theft or tampering with it. Since we do have a lock you can just lock that up and that'll lock your carrier on to your cross bars.

So we'll just do the same thing for this side. Tighten that bar. Knob here at the end, fold that over, in to place. All right, now that we've gotten those tightened down we can lift up our covers and this black piece here we just lift up on that. That's going to loosen the strap out here, allow us to open the strap up to load up our board. So with that off we'll grab our surfboard, load those up on to our carrier.

Then we take our strap and reconnect it and we've got knobs on each side, on the front and the back carrier, those will just ratchet it down. These are going to strap down your surfboard and secure it to your carriers. Then you can lock in your carriers and your surfboards and you're ready to hit the road with the Inno BoardLocker surfboard carrier, part Number INA744, on our 2014 Nissan Maxima.

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