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Inno Stays for Smooth Roofs Review

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Review of the Inno Stays for Smooth Roofs

Today we're going to be taking a look at the stays for Inno Aero bars. These are to be used for smooth or naked roofs, part number INXS200. These Inno stays allow you to safely secure your Inno Aero bars to the roof of your vehicle, then allowing you to load up your favorite accessories, such as a cargo box, a bike rack, or even a kayak carrier. They feature a locking cover which prevents access to your hardware that keeps it attached to your vehicle. These stays can be mounted to a wide variety of smooth or naked roofs. You'll just have to purchase a separate fit kit for your specific vehicle. The stays are made out of a black ABS plastic so they will match nicely with your Inno Aero bars. Now that we've gone over some of the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get installed.

Now we've already got the rear crossbar and stays installed on our vehicle. I've already got one stay installed on the crossbar here. In addition to the stays, you'll need to find the specific kit for your hooks and pads for your vehicle, as well as the crossbar for your specific vehicle. You can find that on our website at First thing we'll do is we'll turn our crossbar over and we're going to pull the slider all the way out until we get in this position here. We'll grab one of our inner plates.

We're going to align the notch up with the notched end of the slider here. Once we get that inserted, we'll just push it back in. Then we'll turn our crossbar back over and we'll push that slider all the way back to where it was to begin with, until it's in this position right here. Now we can grab one of our stays. We'll go ahead and unlock it and remove the end cap. We're going to align this t-slot up with this spot right here.

By doing that it's going to align the bolt hole up, as well as the other hole, with this piece right here. Once we've got our stay seated flat, let's go ahead and tighten that up a little bit with our provided Allen right here. Now with our stays in position and somewhat tightened, we'll need to look to our fit guide to find our interior dimensions for our specific vehicle. I'm going to go ahead and do that now. Once we've got it correct, we can tighten it down. That looks pretty good.

We'll make sure they're both secure. now we can assemble the rest of our stay. First thing we'll need to do is go ahead and remove this bolt back here. Once we've got that removed, let's go ahead and grab our pad and place it on our stay. You want to make sure that the notched portion is facing towards the center of the bar. We'll just push that down. Then we'll grab one of our hooks. We'll want it in this direction here. We'll put the bolt through it, and then we're going to screw that back in place. No reason to screw it all the way in. Just screw it in there enough so it won't come back out. Now with our stays assembled to our crossbars, let's go ahead and make sure that our driver and passenger doors are opened up. We'll grab our crossbar and we'll gently set it in the general area that we need it to be in. Now one another quick note is we'll want to make sure that the R is on the passenger side and the L is on the driver side. Now that we've got that set on our vehicle, let's go ahead and grab our fit guide and find out where we need to be. My fit guide told me to come from here and measure center, which is going to be my bolt right here. I'll go ahead and get my measurement, place it where it needs to be. Let's go check that other side. Now with everything in place we can go ahead and tighten it down. Now our stays angle according to the line of our roof, so what you want to do is you want to try to get it angled best you can and then we can grab our provided tool and we'll just run it above this bolt right here and it should go right in place. You want to tighten that up all the way until our tool clicks. By that being done, we can ensure that it's the correct torque setting. Let's go ahead and do that to the other side. We'll tighten this down just the same. Now we can tighten down the hooks. As we tighten down the hooks, we'll want to be sure that our pad is nice and seated up against the channel of the vehicle. We don't want to tighten it down all the way just yet. We'll do both sides evenly. The same thing as before: when it clicks, we know it's the right setting. We'll finish this side and then we'll grab our end caps and we can lock that down. Now with everything all tightened up, we're ready to load up our favorite Inno accessory and hit the road. That's going to complete our look at the stays for Inno Aero bars for use with smooth or naked roofs, part number INSX200. .

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