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Inno Ski and Snowboard Racks Review - 2021 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the Inno Ski and Snowboard Racks on a 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Inno Gravity Ski and Snowboard Carrier here on our 2021 Toyota 4Runner. Now this one is gonna be a bit unique. For starters it is the style that's going to hold your skis or your boards up on the roof in these padded clamps. It's gonna keep them really secure, because the rubber's going to provide really good grip and it's gonna keep them protected, because it's going to act as cushioning. So, all of our gear's gonna be secure up here and it's going to be protected.

You'll notice right away we have another set of these jaws on the other side of the vehicle. That's what makes this one unique. You can slide and adjust these to fit your roof rack. We've got it kind of set up favoring the passenger side of the vehicle right now, but we could expand it further out if we wanted to. That way you can carry more and be able to access it from the outside of the vehicle rather than trying to reach more and more inward as you get into the back of the carrier.

I really like that. With this kind of carrier you're gonna be able to carry six pairs of skis or four boards. Now as far as actual usable dimensions go, interior from end to end it's gonna be 14 and 3/4 of an inch. And that's per set of these arms here. So we've got that on either side.

Now we can just go ahead and take these out and get a closer look at the carrier. Now I like the way that these work, because you've got these really easy to operate arms here which expand out the clamps. So whenever I'm putting it on I can just slap it down on the roof rack, throw the lever there and then it's locked in place. Once you've got it set in size to your roof rack it's gonna stay there. And then when I close this up, I can lock it here.

And it's also going to lock this arm from being open. So, our gear is locked in the rack and the rack is locked on a roof rack. Everything's secure and safe. As far as height added to the top of your 4Runner here, we can go from the crossbar to the top of the carrier and that's about seven inches tall. You're not adding too much height to the top of the 4Runner, especially compared to something like a cargo box. I know a lot of people like to use cargo boxes for their skis and snowboards, but those, one, are gonna run a lot more expensive. They're gonna be really tall on your vehicle and they're gonna be really hard to store when it's not on your roof. So you gotta put that somewhere in your garage or your basement. It's gonna take up a lot of space. So for me, I like this style of carrier just because it's way less obtrusive and it's going to do the job really well. Thanks for watching..

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