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Inno Shaper 100 Roof Cargo Basket Review

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Review of the Inno Shaper 100 Roof Cargo Basket

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here, at etrailer. And today we're gonna be taking a look at the INNO Shaper roof cargo basket, for your square crossbars right here at etrailer. So you have your vehicle and you're ready for adventure, or maybe you're just going on a long road trip and you need some extra space for your extra cargo. That's where this comes in handy. So this is a roof cargo basket, that's actually more shaped to be a roof tray. This gives you a large open space, in order to carry your bags, your coolers, or your other items for your adventures.

So you can get this in two different sizes. What I have here is the INNO Shaper 100, but you can get the slightly smaller version, which is gonna be the INNO Shaper 80. Both versions attach to your square crossbars, which is what I have here. Now, if you don't have square crossbars, but maybe you have arrow bars that have a T-track system on the inside or our channel-mounted crossbars, you can get the INNO Shaper that is channel-mounted, right here at etrailer as well. So let's talk about roof baskets.

What I actually have here is the Yakima SkinnyWarrior. So notice how it's shaped to have the walls on this side, but it's a longer roof basket, that's because the cargo you'd be carrying is longer cargo as well, and you don't need as much space. So compare that, to you're INNO Shaper, you have a more rectangular a more square base, more ideal if you have larger cargo that needs the extra cargo space. So remember, when choosing your roof basket, think wisely about what kind of cargo you want to carry first. Depending on what kind of vehicle you have this installed on some of you, especially those with vehicles that have hatches like this, might wonder if this will become an obstacle.

So, as you can see here, we have plenty of clearance between our hatch and our platform. The platform itself is a little bit over 46 inches long. So plan accordingly with where you have your crossbars if you think it might interfere with your hatch. So first let's talk about how much cargo can you put on this cargo roof basket or roof cargo basket So when it comes to width, we have about 39 and a quarter inches of inside width. That's rounding up to our nearest quarter inch.

For length, we have about 40 and a half inches of length. So you definitely have more of a square shape. And then you also have that open space on the inside. On the outside, you have larger dimensions that's because you have these sidewalls. So those sidewalls are going to sit at about two and a half inches of height. So not those tall, that tall of a sidewalk, but still helpful for reducing that wind drag and wind noise. Can you completely load up this cargo basket with all the goods and cargo you can think of Well, you are limited to a weight capacity of 110 pounds. That's kind of low compared to our other roof cargo baskets when it comes to weight capacity, but that's because this carrier is so light. It has a weight of about 17.6 pounds, so it's gonna be very lightweight, which is good if you have limited roof weight capacity on your own vehicle. You wanna save that weight capacity for the important things. So just make sure to add up the roof rack system weight, the weight of your basket, which is about over 17 pounds, and then the weight of your cargo, make sure all of that does not exceed your actual roof weight capacity. So now let's talk about anchor points. So the way you have it, is you have your cargo on your basket you strap it down with pairs of straps, and if you really want to, you can put a net on top. So we don't really have devoted anchor points. Those are going to be like the eye holes on some other cargo baskets or actual anchor points. What this uses is the basket itself. So avoiding your corner, you can use any of the slats or the bars to use as an anchor point. And that's gonna be used to strap down all of your cargo and just make sure that everything is nice and secure. So make sure to use at least two straps on your cargo. What I'm using here, is the etrailer Cam Buckle straps. You can find sets of those right here at etrailer. We also have cargo nets for sale, if you want to secure your larger or even your smaller items. The basket itself is made of a rust-proof, anodized aluminum. So the reason this kind of design features here is, this is designed to be lightweight, as well as low profile. So compared to that cargo basket, we looked at earlier, which has taller walls, this is more low-profile. So if you do not have any cargo on here, you can just keep the basket on your roof because it's a bit more aerodynamic that way. So you have that lightweightness, you have that corrosion resistance since it's going to be out in the elements. So this basket is designed to stay on your roof, as well as to help you load items up since you can just ramp them up onto the sides and then into the basket. So I have these installed on our INNO Square crossbars. So when it comes to width, you are limited to square crossbars that are an inch and a quarter wide. Any wider than that, and your mounting brackets will not be able to sit around that. You do get a little bit of leeway though, when it comes to height, because these are about an inch tall, you could probably get an inch and a quarter, tall crossbars inside those mounting brackets. So everything you need is included with this kit. Some things I do recommend adding on, again, are going to be some straps. We have plenty of different straps right here at We sell some of them in pairs. So definitely check those out. Also, I'm using our Moki Door Step right here. This is what I've been using throughout the whole video. As you strap your cargo down, definitely recommended to get something like this, just to get yourself that extra height, that extra traction, in order to secure everything. Also gonna make the loading and unloading process a lot easier. So my personal thoughts about this cargo basket is, at first, when I first saw it, I was kind of confused. Is it a tray Is it a basket It seems like a very shallow basket. But then after working with it a little bit, I really understood what it was for. If your goal is a basket that can stay on your roof, is aerodynamic, low-profile, and lightweight. That's what this is for. If you want another basket that can be expanded as you have your other cargo, we have other baskets as well here at etrailer. The Yakima SkinnyWarrior we looked at earlier, can be expanded to be longer cargo basket. Now that purpose for that basket is so that you can carry other accessories on your roof. If you're not planning on carrying other accessories and you want to maximize your roof space and get all of the cargo space you can get without having to get a really heavy platform tray. This might be a good option for you. And that was a look right here, at our INNO Shaper, roof cargo basket for your square crossbars, right here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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