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Inno Roof Rack Review - 2017 Ford Escape

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Review of the Inno Roof Rack on a 2017 Ford Escape

Today in our 2017 Ford Escape, we're taking a look at the INNO Aero crossbar kit. The part number for our crossbars today are INXB1155-2. For our foot pack, we're using INXS200, and for our fit kit for our Escape, we're using INK628. Now, we already have our front bar installed. We're going to show you how to put the last foot pack together, and then how we install this onto our vehicle, since it's going to be the same way. To start off, we're going to take our foot, we're going to remove this bolt here. You may need to use the included tool to loosen that up.

With this bolt removed, we'll take that clamp from our fit kit. Everything that you see on this table is included with the kit. The only thing you'll need to provide, is a flat tape measure or a tape measure of some sort just to measure out where we're going to place our crossbar on our roof. We'll take that clamp. We're just going to set it loosely over top and tighten that bolt down just enough so that it holds our clamp into place.

We'll put this over and we're going to take the rubber bottom from our fit kit and we're just going to place it onto our foot pack. We'll set that off to the side. Next, we'll take our metal bracket that comes with our foot pack. We're going to slide this insert all the way out and place this bracket inside and slide it all the way down until it's in this opening here. Then we can take our foot pack and pull that all the way out. Now, we'll take the larger of the two Allen keys and we're just going to tighten down this bolt on the inside of this section here, and that's going to hold our foot pack in place.

With that tightened down, we can open up our doors, and we're ready to load up our crossbar. Now, one thing to keep in mind when we're loading up our crossbar, you'll notice that the front bar, we had the thicker side of the bar facing towards the front. That's going to give that aerodynamic shape and help to reduce that wind noise and drag. I'm just going to reach it across, set it down, and I want to make sure that my clamp is hooked around our door. Now we'll take our tape measure and we're going to measure from the inside edge of our door jamb here to the middle of our clamp. That's going to be 57 centimeters. Now we'll do the same thing to the other side.

We just want to make sure that these are sitting evenly so that when we put any accessories on our roof, they're going to sit even as well. Now we can grab our included torque tool and start to tighten that down. I like to start by holding my clamp up against the door jamb and tighten that down. I'll do the same thing once again to the other side, and you'll notice we did things one side to the other, doing it evenly so that we don't have our crossbar pulling unevenly to one side. Once you hear that clicking noise, you know that it's completely tight and it's torqued down to our specifications. We just want to make sure that the other side is torqued as well. Now we can close up both our doors, and we'll take our locking end caps and install those. With these locked on, any channel-mounted accessories that you have are easily locked into place, so you don't have to worry about theft and tampering with those. You fit kits are also attached. You won't have to worry about anyone trying to loosen those up either. Just keep in mind when you load up your accessories, that this has a 165-pound weight capacity, but you do want to check your vehicle's owner's manual before loading up that much weight. Now that we have everything secured down, that's going to be our completed look at the INNO Aero crossbars and how they fit on our 2017 Ford Escape.

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