Inno Roof Rack Review - 2015 Toyota Sienna

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Review of the Inno Roof Rack on a 2015 Toyota Sienna

Today on our 2015 Toyota Sienna, we're going to take a look at the Inno Aero Roofing Rack System. The crossbars part number is INXB130-2 and the Through Feet are INXS150. I have the front part already on, I'm going to install the second part. Nice and pretty much easy to install. Just going to show you all the parts here. Like I said, we have our crossbar, we have our through feet, we have our locking covers, and we have our end caps.

We have our tape measure just to measure out. To put these on, we've already taken off the covers. If you look right here, we have 2 slots; we want to fit the one in the first slot. One second .. all right ...

there you go. We get that in there, we're ready to load it on our vehicle, make sure I got the right way. All right. These are going to fit around pretty much on our side right there, just got to get it over there. All right, looks like I kind of got this lined up. All right, so now I'm going to start tighten it up, I'm going to tighten it up on this side, just to show you how we do it.

We have our strap here, which is a metal strap, and it has a rubber coating around it so it's going to protect our side rail of our vehicle. We're going to put this up on this little slot here and we're going to start turning it, just to tighten it. I'm just going to start it here and I'm going to the other side make sure I get that side on, too. One second .. all right, I might have to loosen up over here.

Get it around the space, there we go. Now before I start tightening it up, I want to make sure that we're even on our bars, but also want to make sure the spread is going to be 33 inches. I want to get my tape measure here, I'm going to measure from the middle here to the middle over here. I need to move it down a little bit. A little bit more. Okay, that should be about right. I'm going to the other side and do the same. Going to do this one now. A little bit more and we're almost there. There we go, now we start tighten them down and we're going to put our covers on. We're going to turn towards the front of the car to tighten it down. If you want to loosen it, you just turn it to the back of the car, going to get this one nice and tight, there we go. That one's nice and tight so I'm going to get the cover and end cap, make sure that's the right one, yep. We put the cover on and it has a lock, and as always, this is included so nobody will tamper with your stuff. Now the end caps are really light because they're stylish with the little chrome on there. All right, now we go to the other side, continue to tighten that one down. We're ready to hit the road. Now one good thing about the Inno Crossing 00:04:37 System or Aero System, Roofing System itself, you can get any of the accessories on our website, like their bike racks or even their skis and snowboard carriers. We're going to go ahead, we have it all nice and tight. Put our cap on, lock it up. Put our end cap on, now we're ready to hit the road. That's going to be our look at the Inno Aero Roofing Rack System on today's 2015 Toyota Sienna.

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