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Inno Roof Cargo Carrier Review - 2014 Ford Fiesta

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Review of the Inno Roof Cargo Carrier on a 2014 Ford Fiesta

Here on our 2014 Ford Fiesta, we're doing a test fit of the Inno Shadow Rooftop Cargo Box. That part number is INBRA1170CA. See how we already have it on by the cross bars. I'm going to show you the rest of it. It opens on both sides. All we do is turn the key, push a button. You see inside, plenty of room.

We have 11 cubic feet. See we already have two of the memory clamps already on. This is our third one. All it does it go around pretty much any cross bar. It's a little slot; you just slide it through.

The grey lever tightens and loosens it up. So we probably going to give it a little tighten here. I'm going to keep on going. Now this is good for the vacation trips, hunting trips. Even sporting events. You need more room in your vehicle, you can throw everything inside your cargo box up here.

I need to tighten it up a little bit more. All right. There we get it nice and snug. We'll do the same thing for this one. See there, that it has a carbon fiber color so it's nice and shiny. While I'm tightening it up, we can just pull it out.

This shows on here a wrong way and a right way. Always want to have the right way. You want to go around the bars and not the other way. Yup. Almost there. There you go nice and solid. Now we're going to show you just how we can open up on the other side real quick. Like I said, you can load it from both sides. It has a key lock; just put in the key, open it up. Like I said, you can go on both sides. Last but not least, just to show you on this particular vehicle, the Fiesta, pretty much it does hit so you want to make sure that you position it in the right way that it doesn't hit your vehicle. Plus we had to take the antenna off on this particular vehicle so just remember. All right, that'll be it for our test fit on our Inno Shadow Rooftop Cargo Box, that part number again is INBRA1170CA, on today's 2014 Ford Fiesta.

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