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Inno Roof Bike Racks Review - 2015 Chrysler 300

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Review of the Inno Roof Bike Racks on a 2015 Chrysler 300

Today on our 2015 Chrysler 300, we're doing a test fit of the Inno Slim Fork Roof Mounted Bike Rack. That part number is INA387. Now we already have our bike on the rack, we're first going to show you how we connect that down and secure it. We will start here, in the back, at the back tire. Now this is going to be a little different than most of your roof mounted bike racks. This is actually going to sandwich and clamp your back tire in there. So, it's just an adjustable cradle that can move along the length of your bike rack, and we just use the knob on the side to loosen and tighten that.

A great thing about it is that is does fit different style tires that you may have, like your skinnier ones, to even your thicker tires as well. Up at the front we have the option for locking cover here. It does come with the key for that, so you don't have to worry about purchasing a locking cord. We also have a skewer holding our fork mounts in place. To loosen it we're just going to open the black lever here, as we hang onto our bike so it doesn't shake back and fourth. Then on our other side we have a silver knob.

Now we're going to use that knob, twist it back and fourth. That's going to loosen and tighten the skewer around your fork crowns 00:01:18. When it's like this, you don't want it too tight or else it will damage your fork whenever you close up your skewer. So you want it just tight enough that it will keep your bike in place. You can pull that off. Then we'll take a look at back and how it's secured down. Now, back here we have a plastic bracket that's going to go underneath our crossbars.

Then we have a cam lever here with a screw. Those cam lever will tilt down to loosen that bracket around your crossbar, then you can turn the cam lever one way or the other way to loosen and tighten that bracket around your cross bars. A great thing about that is that it does fit different types of crossbars that you may have, like arrow-bars here, even the square factory bars as well. Up at the front, we have another cam lever. If we loosen that, our metal bracket down here at the bottom loosens. Around the back we have a bolt with a square nut on it.

That's going to fit in that little slot of that metal bracket. Then when we close up our cam lever, that will tighten it into place. That nut actually moves up and down the length of the bolt to accommodate for different style crossbars. If you have thinner crossbars it will tighten up and fit around those as well. Then again we have that locking cover option. So that's going to be our completed look at the Inno Slim Fork Roof Mounted Bike Rack, part number INA387 on our 2015 Chrysler 300. Let's see how it does on the test course. Here on our test course we will start by going through the 00:03:16 this will show us the side to side action, which simulates turning corners or invasive maneuvers. Once we get to the alternating speed bumps we will see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb, or pothole or driving over any uneven pavement. Once we get to the full speed bumps we will see the full up and down action. This will be just like driving in and out of the parking lot, garage, or driveway.

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