Inno Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2018 Toyota Prius

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Review of the Inno Hitch Bike Racks on a 2018 Toyota Prius

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Toyota Prius, we're gonna be test fitting the Inno Aero Light 2 Bike Rack for inch and a quarter, and two inch hitches, part number INH620.We already have a bike rack installed, so let's take a look at some of the features while it's on there. Starting from the outside in, we have an integrated cable lock system in order to secure your bikes to the bike rack to prevent theft. You simply just wrap it around your bikes and insert it into the lock. And it comes with a key, a notch just slides up, you insert the key in to unlock it, and for unloading your bikes.The cradles come with a thick, rubber coated surface in order to protect the frame of your bike from any type of damage. The cradles themselves can pivot from side to side, and move back and forth in order to suit your specific needs for your bikes, or even your frames sizes.The bike itself is attached at three different points on the bike rack. We have two plastic straps at the top of the frame, on the front, and the rear.

And also, down here we have an anti-rattle cradle that helps secure the bike more in order to prevent bike to bike contact during travel.Now that we've seen all the features . Oh, sorry.Before I take the bike off, I want to show you guys, even the front wheel of the bike is not making any contact with the back of your vehicle. So, it's not really a problem, you don't need to fix. But if you feel the need, and want to be more secure with your bike, Inno does sell separate straps in order for you to secure it to the frame of your bike and prevent it from moving around during travel.Now that we've seen those features of the bike, let's take the bike off. Keep in mind with the second anti-rattle cradle, you want to fold it up in order to make loading and unloading your bike much easier.

When you undo these straps, you can take it all off at once or, I prefer, to just take one arm off at a time so I don't lose track of my straps. Simply undo all three straps, have the anti-rattle cradle folded up, and we just simply remove our bike from there.I'd like to show you guys a measurement before we move on. As you can see, from the rear of the bumper to the outmost part of the bike rack, it's about 24 inches added on to the rear of your vehicle. For ground clearance, from the ground to the bottom most point of the rack, you have about 11 and a half inches of ground clearance. And from the bumper to the innermost part of the rack, you have about five inches of space.A unique trait to this bike rack I really like, is that the arms fold down.

But before you do that, like I said when we folded up our anti-rattle cradles for unloading he bikes, you want to fold them back down in order so they don't make contact with the frame of the bike rack. For putting the arms down, you want to pull this latch down, that's in between both of the masses of the bike frame, and simply just push down.Now, let's measure it again and see how far it comes out. From the bumper to the outmost part of the bike rack now, it's about 15 inches. So, you save a substantial amount of space. And you want to keep this in mind if you're going out to the town, parking in tight parking spaces, or even parking in your garage.Another unique feature about this bike rack that I really enjoy, is that it can tilt away from your vehicle in order to make access to your trunk easier.

Simply come up, push the foot pedal down, and it simply just tilts away. Keep in mind, if you're gonna do this to access the rear of your car, please do not have any bikes on the bike rack itself, as it could damage the bike rack. And as you can see, access to the trunk is very easy. When you want to tilt it back up, you simply just push until you hear the latch, right there.If we come down closer, we can see how it's attached to the hitch. We have an anti-rattle bolt preventing any type of rattling during travel. And we have a lock system to prevent any type of theft from the bike, that includes a set of keys to unhook it when you want to remove the bike rack.And that concludes our test fit for Inno Aero Light 2 Bike Rack for inch and a quarter, and two inch hitches, on our 2018 Toyota Prius.

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