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Review of the Inno Ski and Snowboard Racks

Hey guys, today we're going to be checking out the Inno Gravity Ski and Snowboard Carrier.This system will allow you to carry four fat skis, four standard skis, or two snowboards. You'll notice it's a bit smaller than some of the other ski carriers out there, but with it being smaller we're going to be able to carry more accessories on our roof rack system as you can see.Now it's going to work with a wide variety of roof rack systems. We've got it attached to the Inno Aero Crossbars here today, but it'll also work with your round, square, elliptical and most factory roof rack systems.Now this carrier's going to transport your skis or boards pretty much just like any other carrier out there. That soft rubber padding is going to protect your skis and prevent them from shifting during transport, but let's go ahead and take them off, that way we can get a closer look.To do so, we'll need to press in on the buttons here and that allows the jaws to open up. You notice how they have that flush mount design. They're going to be a little bit harder to use when wearing gloves.Normally with other carriers the button is protruding out.

So again to open them up, you'll need to push in, and then they open up.Now another thing you might notice is that they don't open up quite as much as some of the other carriers out there. It's going to make it a little bit more difficult when loading and unloading, but the carriers will still get the job done.So here on the inside we've actually got about 14 1/2 inches of usable space for our skis or boards. That soft rubber padding that I had mentioned earlier, in my opinion it's a bit softer than some of the other ski carriers out there.You can see how we've got on the bottom and the top here, and as I close it over my hand, you can see how it shapes around. It's not causing any harm to my hand, so it's most definitely not going to harm our skis or boards.Let's talk about what's unique to this carrier. Once it's closed up, it's going to prevent anyone from opening up that large lever and removing it from crossbar.

As you can see here, that it falls between the notches, we've got this lever here that can not be opened up.Now it's also lockable. Two keys are included, that way no one can just press in on the button and then open up that lever.Here in the back there's no security. They can open up that lever all day long but without being able to access that front lever, they're going to have a hard time getting them off your crossbars.Now you'll notice that when I opened up that lever, it actually loosens up the clamps on the bottom. You can see here how their rubber coated so when they enclose around your crossbar they're not going to harm or scratch that finish.Now these clamps have a unique memory mount. You can see these gray knob here.

Once we have that tightened up to where it's going to provide a good grip around our crossbars, we don't have to touch it again.It's ready to go every time.With all that being said, when you're finished with them, it's easy to take off. That way, you can make more room for other accessories.Please note that if you're installing it the same way I have onto the bar overhang here, you'll need to be sure you're at least an inch and 1/8 onto the crossbar. That way you'll have a safe setup.To give you an idea how much room you'll need for the Inno Gravity Under Crossbars we'll give you some dimensions.From clamp to clamp, is about 14 inches. The overall length is about 21-7/8 of an inch. Now you've added about 7-1/4 of an inch to the height of your crossbar.So keep that measurement in mind when maybe you're trying to pull into your garage.

With everything all loaded up I mentioned how safe it was. I'd like to give you a little shake test and prove to you that our skis our snowboards, and our carrier is not going to move on the roof rack system.But with that being said, that's going to complete our look at the Inno Gravity's Ski and Snowboard Carrier.I hope this was helpful.

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