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Inno Feet for Square Crossbars Review

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Review of the Inno Feet for Square Crossbars

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Inno Feet for naked roofs and square bars. They come in a quantity of four, part number INSUT. These Inno Feet are designed to work with your vehicle's naked roof. They work in conjunction with the Inno square bars in the Inno custom fit hooks. Each foot has a pivoting base. That way it fits the contours of your vehicle's roof.

This allows the cross bar to sit level. It features a metal frame and a plastic base. Both of these are gonna hold up in the elements so they last a long time.Now we'll show you how to get it installed on a naked roof. Now please note, this varies depending on your vehicle. I've already got one of my feet installed in the bar here.

Let's do the other side together. So we'll grab the other foot, and we're gonna do some assembly. What we want to do is, we'll grab our hook, we're gonna set it in place on top of the bolt there. Then we'll grab the locking bracket, put that over top, then we'll take the large square nut and start threading that on. Now we'll do a couple threads.

We just want it loosely installed like so. Then we'll take that locking bracket, set it over. We'll be sure that the opening is facing up, as you see it here, then we'll take our large nut and thread that on a little bit. And we don't want to thread it on all the way. We want it loosely installed like so.Now before you put the foot in place on the bar, it's important that the ridges on the square bar are facing up.

Now the way you slide it on to the square bar is you press down on the bolt here where my thumb is and it releases the grip here. So as we push down, you can see that move. So from here we can take it while holding it down and slide it in place. And then as we let go, it grips and is locked in.Now we need to take a measurement and make sure that our feet are in the correct position on the square bar. So we can grab our included tape measurer and what we need to do first is find the center of the cross bar. Now the nice thing is about the included tape is that it finds the center of the bar for us. It's actually labeled. So we'll zero it at the end of the bar here and we'll stretch it out until we find the part number of the actual square bar which is located right here. And the part number is INB147. So the arrow here marks our center.Now you can do this a few different ways. You can mark it with a pen. I like to use my fingernail. Just give it a little, just apply a little bit of pressure and then we've got our mark. From here we can turn our tape measurer around, place the zero on the center and per our instructions, we need to be 630 millimeters to the front of the foot here. We can adjust our foot out and we're all set, and we can repeat the same process with the other foot. Then we can put our end cap on. Just push it in place like so, and then we'll put on our base pad. Now it only goes on one way, so once you've got it lined up, just push it in place, just like that.And that's gonna complete our look at the Inno Feet for naked roofs and square bars, part number INSUT.

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