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Inno Fairing Review

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Review of the Inno Fairing

Today we're going to be taking a look at the 40-inch Inno Fairing, part number INA261, also available in a 48-inch, part number INA262, and a 31 inch, part number INA260. It's a simple installation and comes with all the hardware you need to install it. This Inno Fairing is not only going to complete your look and finish of your Inno Roof Rack System, but it's also going to cut down on wind noise. Because of its aerodynamic design, it's going to reduce wind drag and better your fuel economy. It comes with three universal clamps which are going to allow you to fit around your round, square, arrow, elliptical, and most factory roof rack systems. As you can see, I've got it around the anal square bars here today, and its got a nice tight fit. Each clamp itself has a rubber pad on bottom and on top, and that's going to keep the clamp from shifting on a roof rack, as well as protect our roof rack's finish.

Each one of our clamps has an adjustable pivot bracket so we can ensure we have a good slope to our fairing to accommodate a variety of roof styles. Our fairing also features the feet on the bottom with rubber pads to take the stress off the fairing itself, and also protect the roof of our vehicle. Now that we've been over some of the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to install it. Now, it's important to go over the parts so we can make sure we install it correctly. Here, we've got our three shorter bolts which are going to connect our fairing to our brackets. Here we've got our longer bolts which are going to hold our clamps in place around our roof rack system.

Here we've got our brackets and our clamps, and then here we have our bottom portion of our clamps. To get started we'll start with our brackets right here. Now, each bracket is labeled. We've got an R, we've got a C, and then we've got an L. We'll grab the R first, and that's going to go on our passenger side, or the right side - however you want to say that. Just make sure that it goes on the passenger side.

Then we'll grab one of our shorter bolts, the one wit the square washer, we'll unscrew that, and we'll make sure that the flat end of our bolt goes through the fairing, and then we'll grab our bracket and the bolt is going to go through right here so it'll look like this, and then we'll replace that nut to hold it in place. Then we'll grab the bracket with the letter C on it, which is going to be our center, and we'll do the exact same thing with the next hole on our fairing, and then finally we can do our last one. Now that we've got our brackets installed, there's one more quick thing I wanted to point out. You want to make sure that these pads do face down when you install your brackets. You can see that our brackets are facing up and our pads are facing down. These are what's going to sit on the roof of your vehicle. With that being said we'll go ahead and grab one of our bottom portions of the clamps.

One end has a hole, and one end has a forked end to it. We're going to want the forked end to face away from our fairing so it's going to go on pretty much like this. We'll grab one of our longer bolts, we'll take the nut off the end, we're going to go through the top part of our bracket here - just like that - put our clamp underneath, and just replace that nut. Now we're going to leave the other side off until we can get it around our cross bars. Let's go ahead and repeat that same step on the rest of our clamps. Now that we've got them started, let's go ahead and move it on to our vehicle. So we'll bring our fairing up and we'll set it right in front of our roof rack. Now a quick note is you want to make sure that the space between your two factory rails here is longer than your fairing that way it sits nicely between the two. When you go to purchase your fairing you just want to be aware of that. For right now, we'll take our brackets. We'll just want to make sure that the top portion or our clamps sits on top of our bar, and that the bottom portion goes underneath. We'll go around and make sure that is for all our clamps. Then we're going to pull out on our fairing a little bit that way we can get the clamp seated correctly, and you want it to look about like that. All right, those look pretty good. Then we'll grab one of our long screws, we'll put that down through the top, and then we can grab one of the nuts and screw that in place. Now we don't need to worry about it getting around our clamp right away because it's got that open forked end to it. We can simply just swing that around - just like that - and then push our bolt underneath, and then we can tighten those down easily. Once we've got that tightened let's move on too the next one. Now that we've got our clamps on our roof rack here you'll notice that there's an adjustable rod on each one of our brackets. This is what keeps our fairing from jumping up and down like this. What we'll want to do is we'll just want to tighten each one of those knobs once it's seated on our roof, that way it doesn't raise up and down. Then as you can see with that tightened down our fairing is not going to raise up and down as much. That's going to complete our look at the 40-inch Inno Fairing, part number INA261. .

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