InfiniteRule 2 Inch Hitch Lock Review

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Review of the InfiniteRule 2 Inch Hitch Lock

Colin: Hey, guys. It's Colin here at etrailer. Today, we're going to take a look at the InfiniteRule locking hitch pin. This is going to be a flush mounted hitch pin, which will lock any hitch mounted accessory you have for your two inch receiver. Now, obviously we don't have any type of accessory in our hitch right now. We'll show you that in a little bit.

We just wanted you guys to get a good look at what it looks like on the inside. This is also available for a two and a half inch hitch. It'll have the exact same features. It'll just be a half inch longer to be able to fit those bigger hitches.Now, we'll go ahead and insert our ball mount, just so you can get a look at how it looks with a ball mount attached. Get our pin holes lined up, bring in the longer piece all the way through, and then again, we're just going to put it on there.

And this time, we're going to thread it on the other way. It's a little bit easier just to spin the other side while holding the key in place. Once it gets tight, we can remove the key. Want to turn it about a quarter rotation backwards once you get it tight, just to get the key out. And we'll cover it with the cap.

Now we're going to be ready to go.Now, this hitch pin lock is going to be a very heavy duty and high strength steel construction. It's going to be very durable and hold up well to all of the elements. It has a rust proof nickel finish, which again, is going to be resistant to that wear and tear if it's outside for a long period of time. The side with the lock cylinder is going to have an all-weatherproof dust cap that's going to help make sure that no dirt or grime gets inside your lock cylinder. That could cause problems if you're ever trying to remove your lock to remove your accessory.Now, you're going to be able to lock up a wide variety of accessories, whether you've got a ball mount, cargo basket, or even a bike rack.

But one thing I do want to point out is that it's only going to be able to replace a standard five-eighths pin. If you have a bike rack or a cargo carrier with a anti-rattle threaded hitch pin, then this will not be able to replace that.Now, let's go ahead and remove it. Now, what we do is take our key. We'll insert it into the lock cylinder. Once we have it inserted, we're just going to start turning it to the left. It's going to work on a threaded system, so you have to turn it all the way until the threads are no longer attached. Sometimes you could spin the other side as well, could go a little bit faster than trying to turn the key. See, it just came off like that. The other side comes out just like that. And you can see it's got a really thick construction to it where you have that nice orange o-ring across it. That's going to help make sure no dirt or grime gets inside our lock and causes any problems with all those moving parts. Now, this pin is also going to have a shear strength of 42,000 pounds. That's a lot of towing capacity you have with this. Chances are your ball mount will fail before this thing does.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the InfiniteRule locking hitch pin.

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