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HydraStar Hydraulic Brake Line Kit Review

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Review of the HydraStar Hydraulic Brake Line Kit

Hi there trailer owners. Today we're going to be taking a look at HydraStar's line of hydraulic brake line kits. If your trailer currently has hydraulic brakes or if you're going to go with the adventure of taking your trailer and converting it from electric brakes to electric over hydraulic, this is going to be a great kit for your trailer. We've got a lot of different options for the size. You can get them in either 15 or 25 foot lengths, and they're available in single, tandem, or triple axle kits that comes with everything you need to get those installed.All of these components are going to be heavy-duty upgraded components. The steel lines are going to have thicker walls than your standard hydraulic brake line, and our flexible lines are also a very high quality durable grade.

All of these need to be heavy-duty because when you go from an electric system to an electric over hydraulic, when switching to disc brakes, you need a much higher pressure applied to the brakes in order for them to stop. We're using a 1600 PSI actuator from HydraStar to deliver that pressure. If you had a hydraulic drum brake system, those don't require as much pressure and you can get away with lower operating systems such as like a 1200 PSI actuator from HydraStar. But, again, with these discs, we need that higher pressure. So we want to make sure we've got a heavy-duty line kit that's going to be capable of accepting those pressures.All of our lines and hoses are going to have a double flare fitting, which is going to give us proper sealing for such extreme pressures.

All of our fittings here are going to be constructed of a brass to ensure that they are corrosion free. This is also a softer material that allows it to seal up when tightened down.On our particular trailer here, we just recently installed the triple axle kit. We're going to talk about what you're going to receive in the various kits. All of the kits are going to receive a main line that comes in. It's going to go from your actuator at the front and goes to your first axle here at the back.

From this point, this is where your kits do vary slightly. If you've got a single axle kit, what you would have here at the back would be a three-way fitting. This one here's a four-way, so let's shoot back one axle and we'll show you what a three-way looks like. And on your single kits, your main line would go in to the center or just to one of these, and then you, essentially, would connect your hydraulic hose to one. You'd have a line of shoot across to the other side and a union that would connect to your brake hoses.

The single kits are going to come with two brake hoses because you only have one axle, one for each side for our tandem kits.For our tandem kits, the story's going to be the same at the beginning. We're going to have that main line coming in, whether it's 25 or 15 foot, and with the tandem kits, it's going to go to a four-way that looks similar to this here. So where it goes in, you're going to have a crossline that's going to be a little bit longer than the shortest lines, it's going to be the medium line that comes in the kit. That's going to allow you to go across and then you'll receive two short lines that will go from your front axle to the rear axle. One for each side. You'll get four brake hoses to go from your four-way to your caliper.We shoot over to the other side, your crossline would come in one. It would go to a three-way, which would give you your connection point for your hose, and then you would have another short line that would go back to your rear axle. On the rear axle for your tandem axle kits, both of them will connect to a union and then go to a flexible brake hose that goes to your rear axle. Now, regardless of the kits, the size of your lines are basically going to be the same. Our main again's going to be 25 or 15. Our crossline, if you have one of the kit's, going to be six foot, and if you have lines that go from one axle to the other, those are going to be four and a half foot in length.Also included with your kit, you're going to receive some hardware to help you get the lines routed. You'll receive some small plastic clamps with self-tapping screws so you can run these into crossbeams and down the frame as you're routing your lines. It's important that those are secure because if they have too much flex, if you've got a bunch of bouncing going on, it will eventually break the metal line. If you've ever had a spoon and bent it back and forth, eventually it breaks. It can be similar if you're bending steel that way. You'll also receive some larger clamps for your flexible hoses to go around those to hold those in place, and that just helps to prevent movement in the small solid metal section right here where it's out. We want the movement to happen on the flexible portion. And that completes our look at HydraStar's line of hydraulic brake line kits.

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