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Husky Front Floor Liners Review - 2011 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the Husky Front Floor Liners on a 2011 Toyota RAV4

All right, today on this 2011 Toyota RAV4 were going to do a test fit of part #: HL35971. This is Husky Liners front floor liners. To start off our test fit well remove the original floor mat. Well take it out of the vehicle and well also remove the factory attachment points at the bottom. All right, next well go ahead and install new attachment points that come with the floor liner and then put the floor liner on top and run the threads through the holes in the floor liner, push them down into place and then screw the caps on. You can see how the floor liner matches the contour of the floor, it goes up behind the pedals and covers the foot rests as well.

This also has a cutout for the gas tank lid lever. All right, now well go over to the passenger side and we can go ahead and remove that mat and place the new one in place. Okay, and you can see how it matches the contour of the floor as well and goes halfway up the floor board. Now, today were working with the black color. This is also available as tan as part #: HL35973 and gray as part #: HL35972.

One other thing to know about these floor liners is that they are designed to match the vehicle and that they can be easily cleaned and removed with just soap and water. Also on the bottom of the floor liners you see small points called nibs. They embed themselves into the carpet to make sure that the floor liner does not move at all. And with that, thatll finish it for our test fit of the Husky Liner floor liner part #: HL35971 on our 2011 Toyota RAV4.