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Husky Rear Floor Liner Review - 2008 Ford Edge

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Review of the Husky Rear Floor Liner on a 2008 Ford Edge

Today well be test fitting the Husky Liners classic custom auto floor liner for the rear in tan, part number HL63293 on our 2008 Ford Edge. This liner is available in grey, part number HL63292 or black, part number HL63291. First well need to go ahead and remove the older manufacturers floor mats from the vehicle. With that done, were ready to place our rear floor liner into position. This is a one piece floor liner, stretching from the drivers side rear door all the way over to the passengers side rear door. The Husky floor liners are custom molded to stay in place.

The shape, channels and moldings all work to keep dirt and debris contained within the liner and off your carpeting. As you can see they have raised outer ledged and extended front cover just underneath the front row seating. With the special nibs to help keep it in place, this liner wont shift or move around. Another great feature of the Husky floor liners is that they are easily removed, washed with soap and water and after drying returned to your vehicle for further use. There you have it for the Husky floor liner, part number HL63293 on our 2008 Ford Edge..