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Husky Rear Floor Liners Review - 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

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Review of the Husky Rear Floor Liners on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

Today on this 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix were going to do a test fit of part number HL61921 from Husky Liner. This is their floor liner for the back seat. Well be working with the black color today. This is also available as grey as part number HL61922. Well start off our test fit by removing the old floor mats and installing the new liners. Our liners are going to be two pieces.

One has a cover that goes over the center hump and overlaps the other liner. The shape of the liner is designed to fit the contour of the floor board and help keep dirt and debris contained in the liner and not on your carpet. The liner can be easily removed and cleaned with just soap and water. To hold it in place, they also have the nibs that are located underneath to help grip the carpet and stay in place. With that, that will finish it for our test fit of part number HL61921 from Husky Liners on our 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix..