Husky WeatherBeater Front Floor Liners Review - 2004 Dodge Ram

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Review of the Husky WeatherBeater Front Floor Liners on a 2004 Dodge Ram

Today we are looking at a 2004 Dodge Ram, 1500. Were going to install the Husky Floor Liner part number hl18011. The Husky floor liners are custom molded to fit your vehicle and will often use the same factory mounting points when applicable. The liner will fit the contour and shape of the vehicles floor board. When they dont use the factory mounting points or hooks the mat will be molded to fit or slip over the factory mounting point. Because the liners are molded to fit the shape of the vehicle floor, they are not going to slide and move around like your typical floor mat will.

The liner itself is molded into a tray shape to help contain the dirt, mud, and debris that gets tracked into your vehicle. The channels and moldings will also help keep fluid toward the center of the mat and away from the edges. One more great feature of the Husky floor liner is that they are easy to be removed and cleaned unlike carpeted floor mats that need to be shampooed when they are soiled, the Husky floor liner could be removed from the vehicle and hosed off. And there you have it for the Husky Floor Liner part number hl18011 black in color. This application also comes available in a tan color which is part number hl18013, and available in the gray color part number hl18012.


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