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Hopkins Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert Review

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Review of the Hopkins Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert

Hi there, travelers. Today we're gonna be taking a look at Hopkins Electronic Deer Alert. Hopkins Electronic Deer Alert is going to provide an audible signal to alert them of your presence so hopefully that they don't run out in front of you and cause any type of collision. And it is a fairly large, loud device. Unlike your deer whistles, which most people can't hear, this one is gonna be audible. So I feel like it's probably gonna work for other wildlife than just deer.

We'll go ahead and turn it on here so you can hear what it sounds like. Now we did wire it up to the ignition switch, this way the customer can't forget and accidentally leave it on overnight. It is pretty loud. I think that's probably not gonna happen, but it's always better to not come out to a dead battery in the morning. So we'll turn our key on there.

It also comes with a switch, so if you wanted to wire it up on a switch, and I highly recommend that you do since it is so loud, you don't want this to just run the whole time you're driving probably. Let's go ahead and turn it on here so we can hear what it sounds like. And there you go, you can actually hear this dear alarm. It's mounted up at the front. Let's get a little bit closer so we can take a look at it and hear it going off.

So here we have our deer alert here at the front. It is just held in place with cable ties. You do get cable ties included with it, and you can hear it is pretty loud, it's pretty audible. As long as this unit is on, it's just going to repeat this over and over. So if you are in some backwards areas where you're wanting to make sure that all the wildlife is aware of your presence so they don't just accidentally walk out in front of you, this thing is definitely gonna produce some noise for you.

Now included with your kit, you are gonna get the switch that we saw inside the dash there as well as the alarm here that's going off. You do also get a mounting bracket if you wanted to use that for your switch. Our customer wanted it integrated in the dash, so we did that for him there, but you do get a bracket with a couple of screws to mount it up on the bottom side. So that's nice. It's a nice sturdy bracket. Now, as far as fastening your connectors together for your wire to hook it up, it does come with wire nuts. And I do not recommend using wire nuts with an automotive application. A lot of vibrations, the nut could potentially come off. You've got an exposed wire at that point. It's really just not the best connection, moisture can get inside of here very easily as well, which can lead to corrosion. So, I highly recommend not using those. And I also recommend using ring terminals and but connectors. And that completes our look at Hopkins Electronic Deer Alert..

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