Hopkins Semi-Custom Front Floor Mats Review

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Review of the Hopkins Semi-Custom Front Floor Mats

Today we'll be looking at a line of the Hopkins semi-custom floor mats. You can find a variety of colors on our website at etrailer.com. Okay, so we've taken our mats out of the package. You'll notice that they're nice and heavy duty. They're made from a strong durable waterproof PVC construction. As you can see here, there are raised channels and treads.

These help divert the spills and debris coming off your shoes. You'll also notice the trim running around the outside here to make for a custom fit for your vehicle. You can cut these and they fit nicely up underneath your pedals and around your seat. We'll flip one of them over and you'll notice the claw-shaped anchors here and right up front. These are going to help secure it and keep it from sliding on your carpet. Okay, to start off, we'll going to go ahead and cut off this tab. Once we've got that one done, we'll go ahead and do the other one.

Now we'll go ahead and take our mat and we'll check for our fit. We'll come over here to our driver's side, go ahead and tuck our mat up underneath our pedals as far as it will go. Once again, keeping in mind that if you need to these are all trim points that you can cut for a custom fit for your vehicle. It's look like here with our mat in place we've actually lucked out and it makes a nice fit for our vehicle without having to trim any edges. For our passenger side, we'll take our floor mat, put it up as far as we can so everything evens out. All right.

That looks like we'll need to trim a little bit off right up here on the left side of the interior of our passenger side here. We'll just need to trim off this right here and up through here so we'll use that as a nice little guide. We'll start up here and work our way down, just making little cuts at a time. Good. Then we're ready to put it in our vehicle. With our mat trimmed now, we'll go ahead and place our mat back in our passenger side, get it in place where we originally wanted it.

As you can see, we have a nice semi-custom fit right up through on the left side here where we needed it trimmed. That'll complete our review of the Hopkins line of semi-custom auto floor mats. .

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