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Snow Broom versus Ice Scraper Product Review

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Snow Broom versus Ice Scraper Product Review

Adam: Hi everyone. Adam with As you can see, winter's here. We have four different snow removal tools from Hopkins and we're going to see which ones work best. We got some that just have brushes, others have squeegees and we just have a simple ice scraper so we're going to put them to use. So our Bear Claw here is very, very simple.

It's going to get the job done mainly for ice, so it is going to get all that off pretty easily, but when it's really thick your hands might get a little icy and if you don't have gloves like these, they're going to get real cold, real quick. So these all have ice scrapers on them. We have one right here and one on the end of each here, so it's going to be a lot easier and you're going to stay away from all that snow, which is something that I'm always looking for. So with our Polar Vortex here, we are going to get a brush and a little squeegee as well. But what's nice about this one is you push down this tab here and it will be able to rotate.

So whether you're just trying to do something like that or for those long reaches, you can tilt it the other way as well.We are going to have three different adjustment points. So we have here press on this tab, go to the second hole, third hole and fourth hole and as you can see I can reach all the way to the other end of this car here with ease and my hands are staying nice and dry and you won't have to worry about scratching your paint because again, the little brush and the little rubber squeegee here is definitely not going to damage your paint. And we are going to have two different sizes so pick the one that's going to be best for you. This one's a little shorter. Might as well just go with the longer one, 48 inches.

It'll do everything you need it to quickly, easily and keep your hands from freezing. You got a little bit ice too, so you sit there and scrape that off real easily wherever it may be. This is definitely going to be my pick. It gets the job done. So the Ice Crusher here is going to have a scraper and we are going to have some adjustability as well.So we're using the scraper.

Going to be pretty easy to get everything off, especially all that ice that we might have. With the other end here, we can actually rotate it. You just press on these two tabs. We're going to have another ice scraper, a little brush, and actually a squeegee on the end. But this is going to kind of differentiate. You might be able to use this in the summertime just to squeegee off your windshields. We are going to be able to make all sorts of adjustments to basically make it easier on you and get the job done as quickly as possible because it is cold out here folks. And again, with this Ice Crusher, it's not really going to affect your paint or anything. It's not going to be that bad. It is making easy work of it.So all in all, obviously any scraper is going to get the job done but I do think that the Polar Vortex is going to be your best bet. It's going to make it a little bit easier with all the different types of angles and lengths that you could do with it. The 48 inch one is definitely one I would recommend just because it's the perfect length for everything I can get all the way across the car and it has a nice curve to it as well. It's just going to make this a lot more easier and not as frustrating than it usually would with a small little scraper like this. So definitely go pick up one of these. This is my opinion, the best one that we carry here at

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