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Hopkins Multi Purpose Trailer Level Review

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Review of the Hopkins Multi Purpose Trailer Level

Today we're going to take a look at the Hopkins multi-purpose trailer levels that screw on, part number HM09025. You can use these for home, shop and all RV use depending on the application you need. Right now we're going to take a look at it on our travel trailer that you'll typically see these levels on. Since we're using these for demo purposes, we will not be using the screws provided but we will be using the adhesive on the back. Now we're here at our travel trailer. We'll go ahead and install our new level. It's really up to you where you want to install it.

It's always nice right here at the front of your trailer so if you need to you can go ahead, get out of your truck and look at your trailer, go over to your jack, unhook your truck and then level your trailer right here at the prod. Again it does come with holes so you use the screws provided with the kit if you want a permanent attachment and it does also come with the adhesive back. Now you want to go ahead when you first install this on your trailer, you want to have your trailer unhooked and leveled so you want to go ahead and just grab a level out of your garage, put it on the tongue of your trailer, level it out with a jack and then you can go ahead and secure your new level for travel use. Go ahead and get your trailer level, stick it into place, make sure it's level, make sure you get good adhesion with the sticky two-sided tape on the back of it and again make sure it's level before you get it set all the way. If you're going to use the self-tapping screws that come with the kit, go ahead hit a level and shoot those into the side of your trailer. You lower the trailer down in the front you can see the level, it's telling you its unlevel, you see how its off a little bit. Go ahead and raise that back up and get the trailer level, lower your jacks and you're ready to start camping.

Now this does come with one for each side of your trailer, so you can go ahead and attach one here on the driver's side and one on the passenger's side. Now that we have our levels mounted to our trailer, that'll do it for our look at the Hopkins multi-purpose trailer level, part number HM09025. .

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