Hopkins GoGear QuickCling Corner Window Shade Review

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Review of the Hopkins GoGear QuickCling Corner Window Shade

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Hopkins Gogear Corner Window shade. The shaded mesh design here is going to allow you to get that annoying sun coming in at an awkward angle off your face and make it safer for driving. It's also going to be great in the rear for your passengers, especially if maybe you've got an infant back there in a car seat. You can position this to keep those harmful rays off of your child. Beautiful fix.So check it out here in the front, my sun visor does a pretty good job, but not a great job. If you got the right angle and the sun's coming through.

That's still going to be pretty annoying. This can definitely help out. The best part is, that it's completely movable. Use static electricity to stick in place. So when the sun moves, you can move it.

Simply reposition it, give it a good static wipe and there you have it.The right angle design allows you to fit it in to the corner of most windows. Just a couple things to keep in mind with it in place, you'll want to take it down obviously before you roll down your window. It's a a good way to loose it. Or get it caught. You don't want to do that.

Another thing, this strap actually, right here. Some people actually think it's for tucking up in there, in your windshield. It's not. That's designed to statically cling to your window. That's actually for, when you're all done you fold it up and that is a strap that stretches around it and allows you to take it.

And you can inaudible 00:01:25 away in a pocket, or your glove box. And then you're ready to go. That's going to do it for our look at the Hopkins Gogear Corner Window Shade.

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