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Hopkins Interior Back Seat Cargo Organizer Review

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Review of the Hopkins Interior Back Seat Cargo Organizer

Today, we're going to be reviewing the Hopkins Go Gear Interior Back Seat Cargo Organizer. This is an over the seat hanging design. Part Number HM75105. One of the first things we noticed about the Go Gear Cargo Organizer is that it has a built in shelf. That way it will accommodate a portable DVD player or even a small laptop. If you close the lap top, see how it has that shelf right here. That's going to measure about 14 1/4 of an inch right here, and then just securely hold the laptop in place.

It's got a nice little hook and loop strap that goes over where the keyboard is. Back here, you're going to have multiple organizers. It looks like you're going to have about 3 on each side, or 4, excuse me. One side can hold your CDs. The other side can hold some DVDs. You've got some smaller organizers over here.

This would be great for pens, crayons, pencils. Here on this side you going to have a cup holder. You can easily put a bottle in there. It's got the mesh lining with a nice little scent 00:00:59 strap, so you can also make sure it's secure. At the bottom of the organizer, it's going to feature 2 elastic loops.

It's going to be great to hold an umbrella, or even an ice scraper. If you take the hard shell out of that little shelf for the laptop, or DVD player, you can fold in the 2 side panels, buckle them together, still have full use of your cup holders. We have an umbrella sitting over here in this one, just to show you that it can accommodate a cup or a bottle and it's made exactly like this one over here, mesh material with that little scent strap. Located on the back of the organizer is going to be a nice, little, hard shell pad. That way you can pull this out, place it on your lap and it's going to be great for in the car activities. You can color. Use it as a writing surface.

It just has a little bit support. You can put on your lap and your kids can have some fun with it. It's a really simple installation, as well. You're going to have an adjustable strap up here that just buckles. It's going to go around your headrest. Here on the bottom, you're going to have two elastic strips with clips on the end. That way you can hook it underneath your seat. The organizer may be strapped between the 2 front seats in some smaller trucks, SUVs, or sedans. The Go Gear Organizer also features a nice little pocket here at the base. That way you can store maps or any other smaller accessories they may have with you. That's going to complete today's review of the Hopkins Go Gear Interior Backseat Cargo Organizer, Part Number HM75105. .

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