Hopkins Duo Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator Vent Clip Review

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Review of the Hopkins Duo Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator Vent Clip

With this air freshener here, we can keep those odors that you brought into your car out of the vehicle by eliminating them and replacing them with a newer fresh fragrance. It does this using its patented DUO action system. One of our liquids will eliminate the odor while the other is a fragrance that's going to provide us with a nice fresh scent that we'll all enjoy. One of the things that I like about DUO's fresheners is that all of their cents feature essential oils. So none of them are going to be overpowering and they're going to help ease your body in mind. A lot of other air fresheners out there just mask the scent.

They don't eliminate it like the DUO action system. So instead of smelling spring like we are now, with other freshener, you'd be smelling wet dog and spring. In addition to spring, there's other fragrances available as well, including linen, fresh berry, vanilla and new car. We can adjust the intensity of our fragrance using the slider here. You can see if we look through it, the blades opening up, allowing more fragrance come through as we open it up.The fragrance will last about 30 days on our lowest setting.

Unlike our hanging air fresheners, which just emit a fragrance in our vehicle to mask up other odors, our vent mounted ones will have air propelled past them, which will pull the fragrance and circulate it throughout the vehicle working much faster and then with this DUO patented technology, eliminating that odor completely. Hanging fresheners also dangle back and forth and get in the way while driving. So it's time to ditch the trees and get with these. When you're ready to use your air freshener, after you've got it removed from the package, you notice you've got two pieces. You've got your air freshener and your clip that clips it onto your vent.

You'll take the clip and we're going to slide it in the back of our freshener until it locks into place and then we'll open up the scent seal. Just pull the tab here and just gently pull it and it will peel back and our freshener is now active and ready to go.We'll slide it onto our vents, clipping it over the cross blade and then you can adjust your sensitivity to best suit the odor that you currently have present, down being minimum and up being the maximum.

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