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Hopkins Crossover Ice Scraper and Super-Duty Snow Broom Review

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Review of the Hopkins Crossover Ice Scraper and Super-Duty Snow Broom

Adam: Hi everyone, Adam with We're here at etrailer, and we got snow on the ground. We're going to take a look at two different sizes of the Hopkins SubZero snow brushes. We have a 35-inch one. It'd be able to go all the way out to about 35 inches.This is going to be a little bit easier to store up. The difference between these two is only about eight inches, when they're fully compact.

We have a 50-inch one, which is the one I'm going to be using today.It's going to give us the most amount of coverage, and the most amount of leverage to get up to those taller spots we may have. As you can see here on our Silverado, with the curve of this thing, I'm actually able to get all the way to the other end and push all that snow off.Which is always nice, because sometimes when you're pulling it towards you and you have a shorter one, usually your feet get a little snowy. Just so you guys can see, we're not going to have that with the 35-inch one. I'll be able to get halfway up, and that's about it.I might be able to get it, but then I'll be rubbing up against my truck and I don't really want to damage the paint there. With these bristles, we will be able to protect our paint too, so you don't have to worry about really scratching up too bad.Another really cool feature of both of these, you press this button here, it's going to actually rotate this around.

If we wanted to. let's just say do our hood. If we wanted to do our hood, we can go ahead and have it.This orientation makes it a little bit easier, which is always a plus, because it's probably going to be pretty cold if you're using this. Or obviously we can use the other orientation too, to kind of push it all off to the side. Whatever is preferable to you.In both orientations, we can do this to also clean off our ton of cover that we may have.

You can either do it like this, or rotate it around. Just kind of push it all off to the other end, it might take a couple of times.A lot of the times when you have a bunch of snow like this, and you're going at high speeds, it's going to fall off and maybe ruin someone's day. Getting all this off as quickly as possible, is not only best for you, but for everybody else on the road.Once you get all that snow off, most of it, we will have an ice scraper to get that kind of stuff off on both of them. I'm going to actually revert back to the 50-inch, because it is my pick. It's long enough.We're going to have an ice breaker, to kind of break up all the ice if we want.

Then we're going to have a flat ice scraper as well. It's going to get all that done. With it completely extended, I can actually reach all the way to the driver's side. That's going to make easy work of this.If you're wondering what size to get, I mean, honestly, if you're not worried about storing it away, I would definitely grab the 50-inch. Just because it's going to be able to reach all the way across, even the taller vehicles that you may have.Again, both of them do have the curvature to it, which is going to help. Honestly, I would just go with the 50-inch. It's plenty of length to get all the jobs done. It Has the same exact features on both, and of course, a nice pad for your hand.Just so it's not really cold, because it is made of metal. This blue part here, it's a little colder on my hand. The pad, it's comfy and it's a little bit warmer. That's pretty much going to do it, for our look at the Hopkins SubZero snow brooms.

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