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Hopkins 4 Pole Loop Review

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Review of the Hopkins 4 Pole Loop

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Hopkins 4-Pole Loop 12-inch long 4 Flat Connector, part number HM48145. Here you can see our loop installed. This is going to be ideal if you want to create a quick-connect situation for anything on your vehicle where you have to separate it at times by simply unplugging it and plugging it back in when you're ready to go back on. You can also use this as an extension harness for a 4-Pole Flat if you should desire if your plug is just a little bit too short. It's all in a weather-tight seal, rubber housing. It's going to help keep out corrosion and moisture. This will work for up to a 4-wire system.

If you only need to use 3 as we did in this case, you can just leave the other one blank, should you ever need it in the future. Now let's go ahead and show you how to install it. We'll take it and we'll just cut it in half. Then we can separate out our wires. We're only going to be using 3 of the wires on it so we'll go ahead and cut these wires flat at the end. I'm going to strip back about 3/4 of an inch or so, so we can twist these and fold them over since they are a thinner wire.

I'm going to shorten these back a little bit more. We don't need so much length. We're going to strip back our white wire, about 1/4 of an inch on these. Then we'll do our brown. Then well just use the yellow one that we're going to tie into our red.

The other 2 colors are going to match up to what we happen to be using on this vehicle. Now we'll be taking our red butt connector. It's an 18-22 gauge by Deka available at our website, part number 05730-5. We'll place them on our wire, grip it. We'll just give them a tug, make sure they're on there nice and tight. Then we're going to match up our colors.

This could differ depending on what you're mounting it to, your vehicle. I'm going to take some electrical tape, wrap up our harness, cover up our butt connectors to help keep moisture and corrosion and dirt out of the inside of our connectors. We'll push that down. We can go to the bottom side of our vehicle and finish our wiring. We're going to strip these back about 1/4 of an inch. We're only using 3 of them. We did not use the green on the other side so we won't be using it on this side. Install our butt connectors onto our wires. Now that we have all of those on there snugly, we're going to take our red wire that we stripped back about a half an inch. We'll fold this one over. We're going to put that to the yellow that we ran on the other side that was attached to our red wire. Then we'll crimp that. Then we're going to tie into our brown wire here. That's going to be for our tail lights. We're just going to cut this one here coming out of this harness and strip it back. We'll take those 2 pieces of the brown wire that we stripped back, twist them together. We'll insert that into the brown wire from our plug, crimp it, give it a tug. Then we just need to tie into our ground wire, which is going to be right here. We'll do the same thing. We'll twist those together, we'll crimp that to the white wire from our plug. Now we're ready to plug in our wire to our quick-connect. Just match it up, snap it together, and we'll tie up all of our wires and clean up our install. Now we're going to take some electrical tape before we zip-tie everything up. We'll just cover up all of our butt connectors to help seal out any moisture or dirt that can get into our wiring and help prevent corrosion. Then we'll take some zip ties. We'll tie everything up and we'll trim off our excess. That's going to do it for our look at the Hopkins 4-Pole Loop 12-inch long Connector, part number HM48145.

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