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Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 2 Fat Bikes Rack Review

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 2 Fat Bikes Rack

What you see right here is a version of the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE. This one is specifically for your fat tire bikes. So this will accept tire width up to five inches. The capacity per bike is gonna be 50 pounds, and the wheel base is gonna be 60 inches. If you have an E-bike, there is a version of this, that is gonna go up to 80 pounds per bike. If you're wanting to put an E-bike on here, you definitely don't want to go with this one.

You need to get that capacity. And also for your carbon fiber frame bikes, I don't think the Sport Rider's gonna be your best choice on our site, just because of the frame contact. I know the Yakima HoldUp Evo has a wheel hook, so that won't have any frame contact. So just know that for E-bikes to go with the heavier one, and for the carbon fiber bikes, I would suggest taking a look at the Yakima version. The Sport Rider SE does bring a lot of things to the table.

One of the features that I look for in any bike rack is the ability to tilt away with the bikes installed. So I can access my hatch. So come in closer and I'll show you how to do it with this one. It's not too difficult in the two bike configuration. All there is, is a pin.

I kind of have to lift up on this a little bit to pull it out, and there's a little nod to pull. And then we can tilt it away. Once we have it tilted away, depending on how wide your handlebar are, that's usually what hits. Nothing on the rack hits. But it is a handlebar issue.

But there is enough room to grab whatever I need. If I needed to grab some shoes for the ride or a helmet, there is enough room to do that. So just know that depending on your hatch, you may or may not be able to open it completely. And also, what comes into play is the handle bars. But once we put that back up, it holds itself up but we do need to replace that pin that we pulled before. Luckily we don't have to really keep track of it, 'cause it is connected by a tether, little cable. So that's kind of nice. I just lose everything. But another thing about this, let's just take it off and I'll kind of go through some specs. Down at the wheel cradles right here, we are gonna have a strap. They're plenty long for our wide fat tire bikes. Push this in. And there is a little sleeve right here just so you don't have to worry about it scratching up your bike. It's not wide enough for our fat tire bikes to cover the whole tire rim. But at least it's there! We'll do that on both sides. And then we can come down to our little hook here. So this is another thing that we kind of ran into. Sometimes you have to put bikes in certain spots. We wanted to put the fat tire bike out front, just to let you guys know this is going to be compatible with those fat tire bikes. So, right now I'm gonna have to go ahead and take this off. Just so I can get the fat tire bike off. But, notice how I'm taking these completely off. Whenever you're assembling this out of the box, they want you to put a little screw right here to hold it in that cap. I like taking this out completely. So I just didn't put the screw in there. You can do that if you want. I suggest it just makes it a little bit easier to get that other bike off. So we'll set this down to the side and I'll show you how it's not that difficult to get the other bike off. Usually as you start going closer and closer to the vehicle, it gets a little bit more difficult. It's the same exact setup for our mountain bike. Take all these off. And the cool thing about this is, I'm gonna pull this little pin right here. And now that I have nothing on the center mast, I can actually fold this. And then I can bring the bike directly off. If you did put that screw in there, it would be kind of difficult. You would have to kind of wiggle around and take it off the side. I just suggest not putting it on there, because this is a lot easier. But sometimes your pedals do get in the way. But it does make it a little bit easier. And then, we can get a closers look at the rack, now that the bikes are off. Some racks do not come with locks. This one does. We don't have to grab 'em separately. So each hook for your bike is going to have a lock on it. It also comes with a locking cable. So you have two different things to deter from theft. So now that these are on, we wanna pivot this down and put it in like this to lock it into place. And with any hitch mounted accessory we are gonna add a little bit of length to the back of our vehicle. So from the front face of your hitch, of your vehicle at home, to the farthest most point. It's gonna be 28 and 5/8 of an inch. And then the closest point right here is gonna be 7 inches. But then we can use that same exact knob right here to fold it up. And this is just gonna cut it down a little bit. If you're one that likes to keep your bike rack on your vehicle, just so it's ready to rip whenever you're ready to rip. This is gonna bring the overall length from the face of the hitch on your vehicle at home, to the farthest point down to about 17 and 3/8 of an inch. And then now the closest point's gonna be here. Which is about 5 inches. Notice where our shank is, where it goes into our hitch receiver and where our bikes are gonna sit. There is a 7 inch rise. So that's gonna help with those deep aggressive driveways, or if you're going on an off-road trail. So then when I pull this up, we can look at the anti rattle, which I really like this one. Just because all you have to do is put a pin in and then tighten this up. So, as you can see right now, it's completely rigid on the inside of the hitch. So there's no shake or anything. But, if I loosen this a little bit you'll see how much that really does. I mean, that's kind of a lot, so your bikes aren't gonna feel it, and you're not gonna hear it. Especially if you're cruising down the road with the windows down. So that's kind of nice. And you just tighten it up like this, and you're good to go. And then this is gonna be for your 2 inch hitch receivers. The one thing I do like about this shank though, if you get in real close you can kinda see a little plate right here. So this is just going to align that hole with your hitch perfectly. So you don't really have to guess or anything. And then you put the pin through and we have another lock that is included that will be keyed alike with all of our cables and the hooks up top. So it's nice that it's all the same keys, so you don't have a bunch of them that you have to fumble through all the time. So that's always nice. A lot of bike racks don't really provide that. The Sport Rider SE does bring a lot of stuff to the table. I don't think it's the easiest rack to put your bikes on and get 'em loaded up. I say that just because you can't just put any bike anywhere and sometimes you kind of have to adjust the cradles to make sure there's no contact with anything. If you're wanting something that's kind of in the same ballpark when it comes to quality, but I think a little bit better, the Yakima HoldUp Evo is gonna be a little bit easier for you. And it's still gonna have all the features that you kind of see with this one. But one thing about the Sport Riders that is a little bit different than all the others on the site. It is a lot easier to convert over to a four-bike rack. So if you wanna buy the add-on all you gotta do is put this in, put in the pin, and then it has the same exact anti rattle, as our shank down low. You just gotta tighten this up, and then it's gonna make it nice and tight. So that is one thing that the Sport Rider does beat everything else. I think this is the quickest swap you can do. But at the end of the day, we just wanna ride. So if you're looking for ease of use, check out the Yakima option. And if you are looking for a more entry level rack to get four bikes or two bikes to and fro, the Curt is also another option. Now we're gonna go ahead and take it on our test course. First we'll start with the slaloms. This is going to show the side to side action. It's kind of gonna mimic the movements that you'll see whenever you're driving down the road normally. Now we'll have the alternating speed bumps. This is gonna be more so like the uneven roads and some of that uneven terrain you might be traveling on. And now with the fold speed bumps. These are gonna be pretty much like normal speed bumps. You get to see the up and down action of the bike rack. And see how it holds up. But that's pretty much it for our look at the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE..

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