Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2018 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks on a 2018 Toyota RAV4

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2018 Toyota RAV4, we're gonna be doing a test fit on the Hollywood Racks Trail Rider Two Bike Platform Rack, part number HR200Z. Now, with a bike installed, let's take a closer look and show off some of the features. To start, our wheel trace can adjust by loosening and tightening this hand knob like so. This is gonna help accommodate bikes of different lengths that you might have. Our bike is secured at three different points of contact. We have a hook and loop strap at the front right here, securing the front wheel.

We have the same thing going on in the back on the back wheel. This padded frame hook up top is putting downward force on top of the bike, forcing it down into the trays. Those three points of contact are gonna make sure that your bike is very sturdy and won't go anywhere while you're traveling.Let's go ahead and remove the bike. I'm gonna start with the hook and loop. Just rip the hook and loop off, and then pull the strap out like so.

Now, you wanna make sure you have a grip on your bike before you lift up the padded frame hook. We're gonna press down on this trigger and lift up on it. To make unloading easier, we're gonna pull this pin right here, and then fold away this arm like so. Then, unloading's a breeze.Now, with this arm forwarded down, I would like to point out that we can't access our trunk, because we can't tilt the bike rack away, there is still a way to access the trunk. With it forwarded down, as you can see there's plenty of space where it clears the bike rack.

Now, we can get inside right here and slip in, and get whatever we might need. Now, we're gonna fold this arm back up like so, and then replace the pin.Now, I'm gonna provide you guys with a few measurements. First, from the bumper of our RAV4 to the outermost part of our bike rack. We've added on about 26 1/2" to the back of our vehicle. We do have this raised in our shank right here, so our ground clearance at the back is gonna be about 17".

That's plenty of space if you're going up a steep hill or curb, and you're not gonna have any trouble with dragging. The closest point of our bike rack, which is this wheel tray right here, to the bumper, is 9 3/4". That's plenty of space where it won't make contact with your vehicle or possibly damage it.We can't fold this bike rack up, however, it does have this unique folding feature to make storage a lot easier. I'm gonna come down here and remove this pin first, I'm gonna lift it up like so, and then replace the pin. You'll do the same thing on the other side. Once we've done this, we've taken up a lot of that space that the bike rack was taking up. This is ideal for any storage needs you might have.Now, if we come down here and take a look at how to attach this to our hitch, we have an anti-rattle bolt that when tightened down, takes away the shake and play from our bike rack while we're traveling. We have a lock on the other side, nice security features, no one can remove the bike rack without the key for it. This is a 2" hitch we have on our RAV4, however, if you have another vehicle in your household with a 1 1/4" hitch, you can take off this sleeve that's on the inside, that'll make your shank of the bike rack compatible with 1 1/4" hitches. Now that we've gone over some of those features, let's show you guys how its performed on our test course while it was fully loaded.

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