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Highland Visor Organizer Review

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Review of the Highland Visor Organizer

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Highland on the go vehicle visor organizer. This one has the two CD slots with multiple pockets. Part number on it is 1930200. It's really easy to get in place. We're just going to stretch that over our visor. Slide it right on over where we want it.

You'll notice there the spacing is just about right on it so we're able to still use our vanity mirrors and things such as that without any interference. We rotate it up nice and centered in place. Offers us a good area to slide up the two CDs in. Nice, soft backing there. We've got two zippered pockets. One here, you'll see a little bit smaller and then one up here.

It will be larger. It will allow us to slide some pens in there, some paperwork, insurance cards, whatever we need there. Then, the smaller one here with that nice elastic material on it, help hold it in place, get our goodies in there, have them where we can get ahold of them quickly. That will complete today's look at the Highland on the go vehicle visor organizer with the two CD and multiple pockets, part number 1930200. .

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