Highland Retractable Ratchet Strap Review

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Review of the Highland Retractable Ratchet Strap

Now these straps have been designed for use in heavier duty applications. They're going to be 2" wide and 10' long. These are going to be excellent solutions for stowing just about any type of thing you might want to in a large utility trailer, or any trailer for that matter.The retractible portion is nice in the fact that you just hit one button and you see all that's going to be retracted back into the strap. It's going to eliminate the long tag end hanging out. It really helps to keep our hooks from hanging off the other end when we're trying to get it secured, and overall it just makes it a pretty straightforward and easy ratchet strap to use.Our S-hooks on both ends are going to be nice heavy-duty rubber coated hooks, nice thick diameter to them you can see there, and even on this very large D-ring they go around there without any big issue at all.The handle itself is going to be really nice and wide, smooth on the back, so getting a grip on it really isn't an issue at all. You're going to have our easy to get to release handle there marked in red.You've got kind of a matte yellow zinc finish over all the working surfaces there.

That should help to insure this lasts for a good long time and you don't have to deal with any corrosion. You can see the spring mechanism is going to be encased here in the plastic. That's going to bring that ratchet strap back. It winds kind of like a clock spring. As you stretch it out it tensions.

As it comes back it relaxes a little.Now on the back side of the strap frame you're going to notice we've got a hole right here. It's pretty accessible from up here on top, and that would help you if you wanted to permanently mount this, if you wanted to drill a hole in your trailer and mount it to the side of your trailer, but in that case it does kind of render this end of it useless.Now the strap itself is going to be 2" wide and it gives us a total reach of 10'. Overall it has a really nice feel to it. It feels very, very similar to the seatbelt material. Now in my opinion that nice heavy-duty housing and that really good quality strap is going to be something that you'll really appreciate.

It has an 1,100 pound safe working load limit and it has a 3,300 pound brake strength.These are sold individually, so you want to be sure to pick up the number that you're going to need. Something that's good to keep in mind, we always recommend securing items with at least two straps at your connection points just to give you some redundancy.To secure our strap we're of course going to take our S-hook . You want to wrap that around your anchor point. Once that's secure, all we have to do is pull on the other end. There's no button or no releases to use.

We'll get that connected around that connection point, and then by pressing down the red button we're going to take most of the slack out of our strap, so that kind of pre-tensions that there for us at that point.We'll release that ratchet and just give it that final bit of torque to get it nice and secure. Once we've got that done, we can throw a couple more on the back and we're ready to hit the road.

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