Highland Heavy Duty Cambuckle Tie Down Review

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Review of the Highland Heavy Duty Cambuckle Tie Down

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Highland 12 foot heavy duty cambuckle tie-down, part number 10344. This tie-down has a wide variety of applications, from securing gear and cargo in your roof-mounted or hitch-mounted cargo basket to securing your ATV or your UTV in your bed of your pickup truck or your trailer. It is 12 foot in length and made of a heavy duty woven nylon. It has these extra heavy duty special stitchings that secures the rubber coated hook to the strap. This is going to provide a supreme strength and durability. Now the way that the edges of the strap are designed is that they have extra stitchings on the outside of the strap. Usually when straps fail, they get cut or torn here on the side and basically that ruins the strap. Well, these straps are designed to withstand rips and tears and cuts because of this specially designed edges of the strap. As you can see, this is the buckle of the strap. It's made of a heavy duty steel material.

It's going to work all for your heavy duty applications. Now I'll go ahead and insert the end of our strap into the end of our buckle. You can see you push down here on this silver tab. That's going to open up the front of the buckle. We'll need to go from the bottom side, push in, feed the strap through the bottom backside of the buckle. Then we can just pull it tight and just to adjust it, if you want to tighten it or loosen it, just push down on that silver button. Now what we'll do is go ahead and use the strap and secure our cargo.

We'll go ahead and secure our camping gear using the cambuckle tie-down. Now that our gear's all secure, that'll complete today's review of the Highland 12 foot heavy duty cambuckle tie-down, part number 10344. .

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