HitchMate Stabilizer Bar NetWerks Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the HitchMate Stabilizer Bar NetWerks Cargo Bag

Hi everyone. It's Evangelina here at etrailer. And today we are looking at our network's cargo bag for your cargo stabilizer bars here at etrailer. This is the full sized cargo bag, which works with stabilizer bars of different shapes and sizes. So if you have a full size or a mid-sized truck as long as you already have this bar this wraps around it and increases your options in ways to organize your truck bed. You already have your stabilizer bar holding in your maybe your toolboxes, your coolers inside your truck bed.

But what about your loose items like your biking, skiing equipment or your random tools. Those fit perfectly well inside this pouch and allow them to be organized and secured and not rolling around in your truck bed. This uses hook and loop straps to keep everything in. So even if you have larger items like what we have here is our soccer ball. So for you fans of sports and like to keep their equipment and gear inside this pouch, you don't have to worry about finding the right size.

So you can get as much space as you need to store your gear. So you have these nylon straps holding it secure to the bar. And the pouch itself is made of this rugged mesh construction. That way you have it, where the holes are small enough to keep everything together but you still have that breath ability. One thing to note is that this is a large continuous pocket.

So if you do have smaller items, it might not be the best fit because by the end of your trip what you placed on one side might end up on the other. Some things to remember too when you do have this loaded up, is that it also depends on where your stabilizer bar is for how much weight it's going to be carrying. If you're going to have your bar a little bit higher up this may not be able to hold onto your heavier items as well. So just keep that in mind. Also, if you have sharp objects or objects with sharp edges just be careful that they won't tear into that heavy duty mesh, it's strong but also has its limits.

While the cargo bag is marketed to be used with the Hitchmate stabilizer bar, I've noticed that you can also use this with other stabilizer bars. Like what I have here is the Ericsson bar with the ratchet and this is another stabilizer bar for your truck bed. Since this is a universal fit and just goes around that bar. That's how it works. So we're going to start with installing our cargo bag. And what I like to do first is just to make sure it's lined up where you have the name facing up. Once you have that in place, I found that the easiest way to do this is just to take off your organizer bar first and then slide the bag onto it. You also have a hook and loop strap on the inside or you could just slide it onto it. Once you have your bag on your bar, you can then set up your bar, onto your truck, here we're using the Hitchmate cargo organizer, and just get that into place. You can then spread out the bag as needed but that's about it for the install. My final thoughts about this cargo bag for stabilize your bars is that I do like how it adds that extra level of organization to your truck bed. It is ideal, or I can see this being very useful for people that go camping, that go hiking or are into sports because this is pretty useful for carrying around your gear. You can also use it with your tools, but those are usually in a toolbox, which is what the stabilizer bar is very good at keeping organized. So all in all, this is a mesh bag that is sturdy and will hold your items together. And it will work if you are in the need of the extra organization. And that was a look here at our network's cargo bag for your cargo stabilizer bars here at etrailer..

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